Methods for increasing accuracy in Salesforce

In the business world, accuracy is of essential importance. Here are a few tools that can help you improve accuracy in Salesforce in various parts of your business.

Steel Brick CPQ

This tool aids you in ensuring accuracy in Salesforce with your quoting and pricing. It makes it so that your sales representatives don’t make as many mistakes when they are handing out numbers. The tool also helps you get your productivity up and get more deals closed. You can get quoting right for the Salesforce1 and mobile versions of the service.

The tool additionally makes it easier for you to make sure all of your pricing and discounting approaches are consistent throughout your business. This is important because otherwise customers might feel like they are being treated unfairly or as an exception to the rule.


This tool is also a CPQ app that lets you configure, price and quote. You can use BigMachines to manage your pricing and proposals as well as all of your contracts. The advantage with this tool is that you can do pricing and quoting exceptionally quickly and accurately.

You also get automatic updating and forecasting with your live quotes. The App Exchange has actually voted BigMachines as the best app for CPQ for five years running. You can integrate BigMachines with other tools like Ascent, Microsoft and Oracle as well. The tool integrates natively with other tool enhancers such as Docusign.

It’s important to ensure accuracy in Salesforce with your price quoting as well as with your other business processes, so it just makes good sense to make use of tools that can help you achieve this accuracy.

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