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3 key expectations for your Salesforce Managed Services Partner

Aug 28, 2018 | Admin, Latest News, Sales Cloud, Salesforce Managed Services

Salesforce is the best CRM solution on the market today, but out of the box and post go-live, you still need expert guidance on continuous improvement. You need a Managed Services provider that has a dedicated and proven methodology and doesn’t just throw your requests to the next available consultant. To maximize your Salesforce investment, you need a team who understands all of the complexities and details that come with a multi-cloud, highly integrated platform and who can craft solutions that satisfy business objectives.

An effective managed services team should do these three things as they partner with your business:


1. Customized care for your business

Miovision helps cities achieve their vision of becoming smart cities through data analytics. Miovision partnered with Simplus to enhance their development efforts in their own Salesforce org, and we created a team of multiple shared senior developers with experience in the areas that Miovision needed.

We’ve literally just leveraged your team as an extension of our own. We assign tickets together, they attend daily stand-ups with us, and we’re collaborating really well. It really feels like these guys are remote employees, and that works great for us.” —Miovision

All of this is achieved without costly dedicated resources. Through our model, we are able to provide a wide variety of skill sets at a fraction of the cost of a dedicated resource.


2. Operational excellence

While responsiveness is a key component to a successful partnership, most of our customers are also looking for guidance beyond fulfilling the demands of the business users. One of the first things our teams do is determine the level of operational structure that is already in place and then provide guidance where improvements can be made. We also recognize a well-oiled machine when we see one and can merge into any existing processes as well.

Do your business users frequently change requirements after handing them over, or disagree between departments on how a new process should be implemented? We can help establish a change-advisory board.

Do you have super users, perhaps even certified Salesforce Administrators, that want to have full access to your production org and make changes on the fly because “it will only take a minute”? We can help establish a release cadence to rein in these rogue changes. We provide a release cycle complete with QA, integration testing, user acceptance testing, and smoke testing and set up an automated release management process to minimize defects introduced into production. We can even coach those power users into roles where they can lend a hand and participate in release training for their peers.


3. Flexibility to work when you need them

Every business has peaks and valleys in the demands coming from your business users throughout the year. The structure of our team allows us to be flexible with hours month by month and focus instead of the average number of hours consumed over the contract lifecycle. Employee turnover can mean a sudden loss of experience from your team, but we can help backfill their workload and even help train a new hire to get you back on your feet. If it looks like you’re taking on more responsibility or adding another Salesforce org to your care, we can increase in near real time to adapt along with you.

Our Managed Services teams are shared across multiple client engagements to keep their skills sharp and increase their exposure to a myriad of use cases and technologies. We overstaff each partnership with named resources to ensure our responsiveness exceeds expectations.


A prosperous Managed Services partnership is focused on end user productivity. Simplus accomplishes this with a consistent service process that is customized for your business needs. We have a laser focus on operational excellence, with clear paths to success throughout the software development lifecycle. All of this is provided with predictable, fixed monthly fees. To take your Salesforce efforts to the next level, you need a partner with a clear plan for success. You need Simplus: success simplified.



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