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Why Managed Services must be part of your strategic IT plan

May 16, 2018 | Admin, Latest News, Salesforce Managed Services

Artificial intelligence, the internet of things, SEO, predictive analytics, and, of course, the ever-present cloud. All things you should know about and know well if you want to make it long-term in business, especially as a startup. But managing all the necessary business tech is a tall order, and it’s not always easy to put the pieces of your strategic IT plan together nice and tidy. Enter Managed Services, a worry-free way to ensure your IT is operating not only how it should, but at its max potential.

Managed Services should be part of your strategic IT plan. Why, you may wonder? In this post, I’ll explain three big reasons why your business needs to make Managed Services Providers (MSPs) like Simplus part of your plan: the omnipresence of IT, the lack of in-house talent, and—most importantly—the full, realized business value MSPs uncover in your processes.


IT omnipresence

First off, your company relies on IT, whether you realize it or not. Even if you’re not in the IT business or hardly deal with computers for your specific position, the bottom line of business is dependent on IT. Increasing revenue, eliminating roadblocks, and improving productivity are all becoming irreparably tied to the effectiveness of business IT processes.

Look at Nike: Nike is a shoe company. Not an IT company, a shoe company. They make shoes. But do you think they can pull off their branding, messaging, customer service, social media, sales, and more without investing hardcore into some dedicated IT competency for their business? Absolutely not. In fact, non-IT businesses will be increasing spending on IT talent and expertise more so than IT businesses precisely because it is not their core product or service. But you need more than just some “IT guys” (however much you may have liked The IT Crowd). You need experts whose sole purpose is to make sure you are strengthened, rather than hindered, by IT’s omnipresence in business.


Lack of in-house talent

However good your business is, however much growth you’re experiencing, there’s a good chance your company doesn’t have an in-house IT savior just waiting to fix all your computer processes. It’s one thing to have a few handy, in-house minds who can help in a pinch. But it’s an entirely different thing to have a whole team (aka, a Managed Services Provider) dedicated to monitoring, updating, and scaling your business’ IT needs whenever you need them to.

Related: In-house specialist = good. Managed Services = better.

The lack of in-house talent is a serious problem, and IT skills are in higher demand than ever—just look at the demand for Salesforce roles and skills across businesses. So it’s no wonder that so many companies are instead turning to MSPs: total spending in 2018 on IT reached $3.7 trillion, with the two highest categories being IT services spending and enterprise software—two things that Simplus knows all about. Additionally, ongoing concerns about safeguarding sensitive intel and data security for business is keeping IT demand and spending high. But your business can prepare for the increasingly cloud-dependent future and avoid the struggles of poor in-house IT services by investing in an MSP instead.


Full business value

To receive the full business value of a robust IT software, Managed Services in your business must be done by a true industry expert. Someone who can help you not just operate your business, but operate it better. A mediocre MSP may keep the mandatory updates smooth and running, but a truly great one will be watching out for the overlooked pain points and working continually toward better solutions customized just for you.

At Simplus, scalable solutions that grow with you is critical to our Managed Services practice. Our offerings focus on improving end user productivity while also maintaining low costs. And, unlike typical in-house help, we have a diverse team of experts ready to help clients whenever and however they wish—your business won’t be limited by arbitrary hour limits or a lack of specialists. We have it all.


The world of IT can be intimidating. There’s a lot to consider and even more to prepare for as technology keeps evolving. But with expert MSPs like Simplus, you can be ready for it all and even exceed your expectations to drive greater business.


Reach out today to learn more about Managed Services and how Simplus can help.


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