Why iPaaS and API #8: Conclusion

by Milind Bhalekar

If this series has taught you anything, I hope it is a knowledge of how integration plays a vital role in the evolution of organizations as they transition into the new digital era. Technologies are constantly shifting and are changing the face of enterprise business. Early on in the series, we looked at several integration technology options and how they evolved. In the future, there will be even more diversity and evolution of integration technology, giving more choices of platforms to enterprise businesses.

Investing in a best-in-class integration platform is critical for driving the right business outcomes. Conversely, if an organization selects an improper integration platform or isn’t aligned on its needs with the platform, it could cost millions of dollars. Several market choices offer iPaaS and API capabilities: MuleSoft, Boomi, Jitterbit, and Snaplogic, just to list a few. Remember that what you choose today has to be future-proof, a pivotal feature to the success of your organization’s integration strategy. Finally, success also depends on robust delivery standards, resilient architecture, intensive testing, agile roll-outs, and efficient management of your production environments.

In short, your organization would benefit greatly from a consulting partner who understands both the pulse of your business and the integration technology landscape. Our data and integration team at Simplus can advise your IT team and recommend you the right integration platform to enable agility and innovation, helping you stay ahead of the competition through a holistic approach to delivery. Learn more today by giving us a call.

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milindMilind is Simplus’ VP of Market Strategy and a leader in data integration strategy. Milind serves as Simplus’ strategic liaison for the MuleSoft and Simplus partnership, creating opportunities for joint engagements and growth. With over 21 years of experience in driving transformation for large clients, Milind spearheaded various digital integration products for a large GSI firm. As a practice leader, he successfully built large, multi-million-dollar, fastest-growing practices around integration products, such as MuleSoft, from scratch. Before that, Milind was part of product development companies, helping them in their design and architecture of product development and presales areas.

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