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Infosys commits to provide 500 Salesforce jobs by 2022

Infosys today announced a new program to prepare Americans for 21st-century careers in technology. Through the program, Infosys will offer 500 job seekers the chance to complete an online diploma course certified by Salesforce followed by an aptitude test to match them with an entry-level tech position at Infosys. This program will leverage Salesforce’s Trailhead to train job seekers at no cost and prepare them for new tech-focused careers.

The new program will target recent graduates from American universities and colleges and support Infosys’ goal to prepare the workforce for the tech-focused market. This initiative will also help Infosys build out pathways for talent to transition from traditional jobs to digital jobs.

Ravi Kumar, President, Infosys, said, “At Infosys, we see every day that the relevance of technical skills is short-lived, but technical aptitude is invaluable, when matched with organizational confidence and ability to train individuals in specific skills that make them productive. Getting the right people ready for the right roles can be better achieved by embracing creative new approaches. Infosys’ new program leveraging Trailhead for digital skills learning is another investment in this direction that will enable us to expand our hiring to include more people, while creating upward mobility, so more of us can live the American dream.”

This news follows several investments that Infosys has already made to Reskill and Restart employees in new careers in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

You can read more from the full Infosys press release here and learn more about getting started with Salesforce with our ebook, Salesforce 101.



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