How manufacturers can start a revenue revolution

Understanding how revenue flows through your company is a critical function in any industry. But many sales organizations evidently don’t: 79 percent miss their forecasts by over 10 percent because of not truly understanding the revenue chain. For manufacturers, this understanding is especially important as they begin to open up additional revenue streams. Subscriptions, usage-based deals, made-to-order configurations, and standard transactional products all add to the complexity of revenue operations. And manufacturing, even in the traditional revenue model, tends to be full of complex SKUs and account-specific prices, which means only using an ERP to manage revenue with additional streams will no longer cut it. 

Manufacturers will need to understand the nuances behind creating economies of scale to truly adopt the catalog-driven approach that streamlines revenue management. Salesforce CRM, with its wealth of platforms to support manufacturing-specific needs through Revenue Cloud, Manufacturing Cloud, B2B Commerce, and more, is the answer for manufacturers wondering where to start. 

Together, Simplus and enosix bring an efficient, seamless revenue chain to organizations across all industries, but our knowledge is particularly useful for manufacturers who are often looking to integrate several systems into their newly implemented Salesforce CRM. Let’s discover more about the Simplus revenue operations framework and how enosix connects each critical system together while minimizing risk. 


Revenue operations framework: Understand what you’re connecting

As a manufacturer, your revenue chain could be filled with a multitude of revenue streams, accounts payable systems, finance back-office support platforms, and partner portals—each with critical data that should be in sync with one another to gain the full picture of your revenue. From CPQ and Billing to ERP, it’s easy to see how it can get messy if…



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