Helping Lightspeed with systems integration

Lightspeed Technologies, Inc. provides high-quality classroom audio systems to deliver optimum speech intelligibility, overcome classroom noise, and provide crystal clear sound to students. With products such as Redcat and Topcat, Lightspeed continues investing in research and development to provide the best technology and most reliable products in the industry.

The Challenge

Lightspeed needed additional tools to manage its enterprise resource planning (ERP) and supply chain systems, integrate with Netsuite, and improve the sales experience.

Netsuite integration: After conversing with others in the industry, Lightspeed discovered that those who were utilizing Netsuite were also integrated with Salesforce for a better user experience.

Slow quoting process: The process of building a quote was time-consuming. It required removing unnecessary subitems that generated automatically each time a new line item was added.

Manual reporting: The Lightspeed sales team had to reach out to the development team whenever they needed a report. This process took between 30-45 days and was a substantial time investment for the sales team.

The Solution

Simplus helped Lightspeed with the following:

Customized integration: Using a mixture of available CPQ options and custom configuration, Simplus was able to create the quote documents requested by Lightspeed. The quoting process was significantly streamlined, with improved ability to track activity and make notes.

Automatic reporting: Through the Netsuite-Salesforce CPQ integration, Simplus was able to automate the reporting process, reducing the report generation time from 30-45 days to 15 minutes.

Positive user experience: Before the integration, the quoting process was laborious and confusing to new sales agents. After the integration, the user experience improved dramatically, which increased the adoption rate and decreased time to onboard new users.

Expert advice: During the integration process, the Simplus team was asked to provide advice on various customizations. Simplus was able to help Lightspeed maximize its customization by suggesting alternative solutions to costly processes and weighing in on key decisions.

“The results of our Netsuite-Salesforce CPQ integration have been nothing short of amazing. The Simplus team provided us with expert advice, which streamlined our experience and saved us thousands of dollars during the implementation. The team was also conscientious on time spent and burn rate. They always made sure that they provided as much functionality as possible for the time that had been allocated. We are already planning our next project with the Simplus team.”

Tony Zeikle, Vice President of Sales

Do you need help with integrating your existing systems with Salesforce? Let us show you the way.

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