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Guide to Salesforce Winter ’23 for communications and media

Nov 17, 2022 | Sales Cloud, Salesforce Billing, Salesforce Managed Services, Service Cloud, Uncategorized

Every communications and media company that invests in Salesforce should set lofty sales and customer satisfaction goals for itself—for the simple reason that these goals are entirely within reach. Dutch telecom KPN, for example, increased customer satisfaction by 66 points by implementing Salesforce’s Communications Cloud; this industry-specific platform helps communications companies create and customize smart product bundles for customers. Every year, Salesforce keeps improving its industry-leading Communications Cloud and Media Cloud platforms, which are built from the ground up to serve the communications and media industries, respectively. In fact, all major updates and enhancements to the Communications and Media Clouds are informed by the features and capabilities that end users most want to see added. The Winter ’23 product release is no exception. 

Salesforce’s Winter ’23 updates focus on helping companies efficiently drive growth and take digital transformation to the next level, with expanded Salesforce offerings designed to benefit disparate teams and divisions across an organization. Let’s explore the Winter ’23 product release features that are specifically designed to serve communications and media companies:

Deeper insights with new analytics: Salesforce excels at helping communications and media companies use analytics to monitor, diagnose, optimize, and remedy problems at every stage of the sales cycle. With the Winter ’23 updates, communications companies gain access to even more powerful analytical capabilities that Salesforce is known for. Communications Cloud has been expanded to add analytics for order management. These analytics, which complement existing Communications Cloud analytics, focus on diagnosing order fallout and revenue leakage resulting from incorrect data and supply-chain issues. With these insights, companies can take immediate corrective actions, such as creating a case to understand the root cause. Companies also can monitor known problem areas to ensure SLAs are met. 

  • Applicable product: Communications Cloud

Enhanced self-service options for common tasks: B2B customers increasingly expect communications and media companies to let them complete many common tasks on their own—without having to contact a customer service team. These self-service features are especially important for B2B customers managing multiple sites and help improve customer satisfaction. With the Winter ’23 updates, Communications Cloud has been expanded to include self-service capabilities that enable B2B customers to complete these tasks on their own, including modifying their services, requesting to disconnect services, and querying the status of existing assets. 

  • Applicable product: Communications Cloud

Seamless integration with Mulesoft: Mulesoft has revolutionized Salesforce by enabling seamless connectivity and integration of the platform within a company’s broader business ecosystem. Using turnkey Mulesoft solutions that provide industry-standard integrations, Salesforce customers can easily consolidate and share data, build polished customer experiences, and accelerate time to value. With the Winter ’23 updates, Mulesoft is now fully integrated with Communications Cloud. That means communications companies can benefit from connecting to Mulesoft’s elegant Anypoint platform and taking advantage of pre-built integrations that adhere to TRM Forum industry standards. Mulesoft for Communications Cloud can power features like address verification, checking for service availability, and order placement. Moreover, third-party APIs that allow external systems to call into Salesforce are now available through the Salesforce Developer Portal.

  • Applicable product: Communications Cloud

Specialized features to engage customers: Media companies are under constant pressure to improve their understanding of their customers and then connect with and engage these customers. The Winter ’23 updates include two new Media Cloud features designed to do just that. First, Salesforce has introduced Loyalty Management for Media, a new feature that enables companies to rapidly create and launch a personalized loyalty program to drive subscriber lifetime value. Second, Media Cloud has also introduced Advertising Sales Management Integration—a feature designed to easily integrate third-party advertising sales data with Salesforce Revenue Cloud data, enabling media companies to customize and target their ads in ways that ultimately enhance ad effectiveness.

  • Applicable product: Media Cloud

Communications and media companies have more opportunities every year to get more from their Salesforce investments. With the Winter ’23 product release, communications and media companies can count on more analytics offering relevant new insights, the ability to expand self-service options for their customers, more integration and connectivity, and specialized new capabilities to optimize customer engagement opportunities.

Simplus specializes in helping communications and media companies to achieve their ambitious sales and customer experience goals. To learn more about our approach to helping communications and media companies get the most from their investments in Communications Cloud and Media Cloud, please reach out to Simplus today. We look forward to showing you how to take digital transformation in the communications and media industries to the next level.


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