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Grace Case Study: Standardizing CPQ processes with ease

Dec 16, 2022 | Admin, Latest News, Manufacturing, Salesforce CPQ

Grace is a top global supplier of specialty chemicals with two industry-leading business segments—Catalysts Technologies and Materials Technologies. Between these, Grace is constantly providing innovative products, technologies, and services to enhance customers’ needs in the chemicals space. Grace recently worked with Simplus to transition its processes to CPQ and ensure expert-guided adoption of the new platform for its team. 

These are the highlights of the incredible work we accomplished together:


The Challenges

Grace was looking for differential growth as part of a long-term strategic vision for the company, and transitioning to a global, standardizing quoting and pricing process was key to this. With cross-functional efficiency and improved pricing guidance as key objectives for Grace, Grace was quickly drawn to Simplus’ CPQ expertise and varied partnership services, including an initial advisory phase followed by implementation of the build later on.  


The Simplus Solution

Grace and Simplus worked closely together to thoroughly understand its pricing structure as it was and how Grace wanted it to be with the updated CPQ data model. Then, during the build, Simplus turned this vision into a reality with CPQ objects stood up in a more standardized model with configured functionality for standardized pricing methodology. The Simplus team also supported Grace with post-go-live training sessions for all end user groups to ensure speedy adoption and quick results from the implementation. 

So far, this has already improved the linkage of pricing artifacts and actuals, the ability to manage customer lifecycle in one system, and the average deal margin at Grace. 

Simplus is the proven expert in CPQ implementation for manufacturers—if you’d like to learn more about our work and how it can help your organization, please reach out today.

Learn more about Grace’s experience with Simplus by clicking here.




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