Forbes: Gilles Muys on the future of business technology

Gilles Muys, Simplus VP of Customer Solutions and resident Quote-to-Cash expert, was recently featured on Forbes with a timely piece on how to evaluate your organization’s technology capabilities. The ongoing public health crisis has quickly shown many companies their strengths and weaknesses in technology, and many may be wondering where to go from here. Gilles Muys has three indicators for why now is the time to evaluate your tech stack and digitize with the cloud. Check out highlights from the article below or read the full piece here.


1. Prepare for the long term

“When businesses upgrade to cloud technology, they no longer need to play guessing games with their long-term IT infrastructure needs. Cloud software gives businesses the flexibility to pay for only the capacity they need at the present time.”  —Gilles Muys


2. Transition to cost-saving technology

“Cloud technologies have always been attractive because you avoid the upfront cost and can easily manage expenses based on the ups and downs of your growth.” —Gilles Muys


3. Consider adopting a hybrid of cloud and on-premises solutions

“Many businesses are under the mistaken impression that cloud software is an all-or-nothing proposition. The reality is that most companies operate using a hybrid of cloud and on-premises technology solutions. They are incrementally migrating more and more of their systems to the cloud, but they’re doing so at a pace that works for them.” —Gilles Muys


Read more about cloud computing solutions and how you can pivot to a more remote work-friendly model:

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