Ryan Westwood on Silicon Slopes’ COVID-19 Town Hall

Simplus CEO Ryan Westwood joined the Silicon Slopes virtual Town Hall to share some insights on how to boost employee morale and company culture during this unique situation. As a largely remote workforce since our beginning in 2014, Simplus has refined the remote work strategy down to a science and still maintained a top company culture along with it. We’re excited to see some of these remote work tactics spread to other Silicon Slopes companies as we all transition during this time.

In its ongoing Town Hall series, Silicon Slopes is drawing firsthand expertise from top Utah business leaders. Right now, the focus is on learning how businesses can pivot in the face of COVID-19. Ryan Westwood was joined by executives from Intermountain Healthcare, Lendio, Traeger Grills, and TestUtah for this session. Check it out above!

You can learn more about the Simplus culture and the activities we’ve found huge success with by watching this additional interview between Ryan Westwood and Silicon Slopes.

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