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DocuSign Momentum: Event highlights and Agreement Cloud news!

Jun 26, 2019 | Admin, Latest News, Sales Cloud, Salesforce CPQ

As a long-time implementation partner of SpringCM, DocuSign Momentum was a great chance for our team at Simplus to interact with DocuSign customers and partners. Simplus and DocuSign are the perfect pair for elevating your Salesforce instance and delivering better results to your end users. And with the DocuSign Agreement Cloud, that mission just got easier. The role Simplus plays in the strategy and implementation of DocuSign, SpringCM, and Salesforce is simply this: to save customers money and drastically reduce the time it takes to complete agreements. It’s that simple. To get customers started, we’ve put together this event recap blog to cover some highlights from Momentum and take a look at how we can modernize your system of agreement.


Momentum Expo and DocuSign Agreement Cloud Demo

More than 1500 developers, customers, and partners attended DocuSign’s Momentum 2019 conference this year, and we at Simplus were thrilled to sponsor. Attendees participated in trainings to learn directly from business leaders, product experts, and fellow customers in more than 80 breakout sessions across the business, developer, and product tracks.

Many DocuSign customers visited the expo at Momentum. We were thrilled to meet with hundreds at our Simplus booth and talk about Agreement Cloud implementation solutions. “There is an incredible amount of opportunity with the joint DocuSign/SpringCM in the market,” said Kevin Keelan, Sales Director at Simplus, who attended the event. “We are just scratching the surface of the potential market opportunities in CLM with DocuSign.”

In addition to the phenomenal speakers, one of the stand-out booths was an interactive experience with DocuSign that really made the DocuSign Agreement Cloud shine. Attendees got an in-depth look at “Tree Work,” a made-up company that operates green, shared co-working spaces across the globe. The interactive experience included a demo on how Tree Work uses the DocuSign Agreement Cloud to sign, prepare, manage, and act on agreements. Attendees also got a sneak peek of how they would leverage smart contracts for further optimization in the agreement process.


No Woman Left Behind Lunch Panel Session

Another event of note was the inspiring lunch panel session called No Woman Left Behind. Women leaders from DocuSign and Salesforce talked about the ever-changing digital atmosphere, shared personal stories and advice, and emphasized the importance of building networks to create faster and better solutions. Panelists from both DocuSign and Salesforce pointed out the importance of creating a culture that supports flexible work environments and encourages diverse perspectives to ensure that absolutely no woman is left behind. Here at Simplus, we second that notion very strongly. 


Product Keynote

At the product keynote, Ron Hirson, CPO of DocuSign, provided everyone with a deep look into a handful of the new DocuSign integrations and products which we’re very excited to educate our customers about. He demonstrated new capabilities which are aimed primarily at making signature workflows much more flexible, providing admins a lot more control over exactly how agreements are displayed on mobile devices, and identifying all signers by government identification. 

Another fun tidbit from his presentation was learning that DocuSign is now 100% compliant with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, which is the global web standard for accessibility. This will now allow signers who use assistive technologies, adaptive keyboards, or screen readers to sign agreements in DocuSign.


Partner Kickoff Session

On the first day of Momentum, DocuSign CEO led a partner kickoff session where we talked about four key areas of DocuSign partner investment: partner experience, partner enablement, marketing, and customer value. 

For Simplus, this session was especially exciting, as our experience working with DocuSign is going to be even more accessible and efficient than it already has been. DocuSign announced that every partner will have a designated resource assigned, which will increase our level of access and collaboration with DocuSign.


All in all, Simplus is excited to be at the forefront of DocuSign’s new Agreement Cloud offering, a development born from DocuSign’s acquisition of SpringCM—Simplus’ long-time partner. Our Advisory Services will be crucial to getting more DocuSign customers onboarded with Agreement Cloud and modernizing their systems of agreement. And DocuSign Momentum was the perfect chance to kick off this new era in contract management!


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