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What’s better than CPQ? CPQ with KBMax. Here’s why.

Jul 2, 2021 | Admin, Latest News, Sales Cloud, Salesforce CPQ

Your customers want answers to three questions:

—“Can I get this model in a different variation?”

—“What am I paying for?”

—“When will it arrive?”

When many of our customers integrated CPQ into their sales cycle, it satisfied those three big questions by automating inventory, streamlining product pricing, and tackling the previously exhaustive task of generating an accurate quote for the customer. The CPQ tool helped transform B2B sales by cutting quote generation time in half, in some cases, and virtually eliminating the guesswork of product availability and pricing.

But when it comes to B2C sales, how can CPQ help your sales team answer these questions?

—“Will my tractor fit in this new shed?” 

—“What kind of legroom does this excavator have?”

—“How will this new sofa look sitting by my entertainment center?”

With KBMax, customers can see for themselves using a 3D product configurator to create visualizations of products and sync with Salesforce CPQ. When the customer decides what they want, the configurations go straight into Salesforce to process the sale. 


What is KBMax?

KBMax works with CPQ tools to build pricing rules, discounting, and approval logic and connects to any third-party system, such as CRM, ERP, or an e-commerce platform. It’s a web and touch-enabled visual rule language for developing business and product rules in enterprise software. 

KBMax helps expand CPQ functionality with a broader range of configurations, and it can be customized for a variety of industries: healthcare products, construction tools, digging and drilling equipment, toys, chemicals, beauty products, vehicles, sheds, furniture, engineering, CAD, and more. And each platform offers 2D or 3D visualization options, automated proposal generation when the customer makes a selection, and dynamic pricing options. 

With customizable, maneuverable, visual tools, the products practically sell themselves. And that puts your sales team at an advantage over the competition. 


How does this help sales reps?

As competition within industries grows, companies realize that creating an exceptional customer experience at every touchpoint is outperforming product-based sales strategies, with 73 percent of consumers ranking “customer experience” as a pivotal factor impacting their buying decision. Essentially, sales aren’t about what’s best for the company; it’s about the customer.

PwC experts say that a great customer experience encourages more buying and loyalty, and it means customers are more likely to share their buying experience with others. “That’s what every company strives for. Yet so many consumers seem disappointed,” they say. “Call it an experience disconnect: companies tout the latest technology or snappy design, but haven’t focused on—or invested in—the most meaningful aspects of customer experience.” 

The PwC staff explains that a good customer experience combines speed, convenience, consistency, friendliness, and a personalized connection by making technology feel more approachable with a “human touch.”

Offering more options for customers and giving your sales team interactive ways to reach their customers is what KBMax provides. For instance, if a retail company wants to sell tractors, they can use the KBMax platform to select desired models, colors, window tints, tire size, engine size, etc. KBMax will display dynamic pricing based on feature selections. Should a feature conflict with a particular engine size, KBMax will alert the user to change their feature selections. 

When integrated with business systems, such as CRM or API tools, KBMax then automates the engineering tasks and proposal build to accelerate the sales and production cycle. It all sounds impressive, but does this pumped-up CPQ tool truly impact sales? 

Out of the 400,000 companies who use KBMax with their CPQ instance, users reported a 168 percent annual increase in sales, a 35 percent increase in production, and a 38 percent increase in their sales cycle. Best of all, companies can manage the entire user experience on their website. 


Simplus is ready when you are

Not every managed services team has the skills to integrate KBMax snap code with your CPQ instance successfully. To ensure you’re working with a qualified team, here are some questions to ask:

—Do they have extensive coding and CPQ knowledge?

—Are they proficient in snap code, a coding method where different functions combine into actual code and then manage the configuration?

—Can they integrate with Salesforce sandboxes for progress testing?

—Has KBMax trained them? 

Simplus and KBMax have worked together and collaborated before, we’re aligned with Salesforce, and we know how to handle this integration to optimize revenue. Our Managed Services team is trained and ready to help you integrate KBMax with CPQ. 

One of the keys to business growth is creating a better buyer’s experience. With the automated features of CPQ combined with the innovative 3D configuring capabilities of KBMax, seeing is believing. 



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