Check out the newest additions to Salesforce Billing!

by Pramod Patil

Salesforce is always getting better! Just today, the company announced multiple improvements to the Sales Cloud platform, including the new Salesforce Billing.

Though often overlooked or saved for last, billing is crucial to a company’s success. The latest additions to Salesforce Billing allows a better, more personal, and streamlined approach to billing that ensures long-term success. With Usage-Based Pricing, Evergreen Subscriptions, and Flexible Invoicing, your company can satisfy clients and increase revenue, all without ever having to work outside of Salesforce.


Usage-Based Pricing

Salesforce is simplifying the billing process and increasing purchase flexibility for its customers. With usage-based pricing, companies can now prepare quotes, contracts, and orders according to the specific goods and services their customers consume. The customer’s account is automatically updated with all usage information, renewals, order changes, and other information, so companies don’t need to worry about searching multiple systems to fill out the paperwork. With everything built out on the Sales Cloud Platform, pricing is easier than ever before. Look for the Usage-Based Pricing for Salesforce Billing beta in October 2018 and the general release in February 2019.


Evergreen Subscriptions

When it comes to long-term customers, contract renewals are nothing but a formality—and a disruptive one at that. The new billing system allows for automatic contract renewals. The new system updates quotes, customer opportunities, payments, and revenue reports at set intervals, meaning companies can prepare and deliver accurate revenue reports on time and complete orders faster than before. Though currently in beta, Evergreen Subscriptions for Salesforce Billing will be made generally available in October 2018.


Flexible Invoicing

With Flexible Invoicing, companies can set specific intervals or milestones, and the system will automatically bill customers when they are met. That means companies can invoice as soon as a good or service is delivered, or they can bill monthly, quarterly, etc., during the run of a project. Companies can set whatever schedule works best for them and their clients. Flexible Invoicing is currently available.


Pramod is a Senior QTC Consultant here at Simplus. A seasoned, analytical, and results-oriented professional with extensive experience in Business Analysis, Solution Architecture, and Project Management, Pramod is equipped with proven expertise in functional as well as technical areas. He is known for strong leadership capabilities in Business Analysis, Solution Architecture, and Integration ensuring delivery of successful business solutions to various clients, including Shaklee, Advics North America, Jostens, Parker Hannifin, Pfizer, Bank of NY Mellon, Merrill Lynch, and others. Pramod is effective at establishing and directing top-performing teams capable of meeting pre-established goals and objectives.

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Click here for pricing information on Salesforce Billing, or take the Salesforce Billing Basics Trail to learn more.

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