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Overcoming 5 challenges the telco industry faces in the field

Delivering field services in the telco industry has never been easy or straightforward. The average field service team is perpetually juggling diverse, competing demands—an endless array of installations, repairs, network issues, upgrades, and so forth.

But these everyday pressures aren’t the only challenges facing the telco industry. The underlying service model that most telcos have been using for generations hasn’t kept pace with technology. This shortcoming is having real-world consequences for field service management. Telcos commonly struggle to:

1. Provide a personalized, seamless customer experience that can be delivered through multiple channels

2. Avoid clunky, inconsistent service delivery and uneven workloads for field service teams

3. Use automation, AI, and IoT to work smarter and more efficiently

4. Anticipate customer needs, priorities, and preferences via predictive analytics

5. Enable field teams to access important customer insights contained in the telco’s siloed customer relationship management platform

Fortunately, telcos today have access to powerful, cloud-based technology solutions like Salesforce for enhancing field service management. 

Learn more about the pervasive challenges with telcos’ field service model—and how technology can solve all of them.



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