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Want to build a better patient experience? Empower the provider

Feb 9, 2022 | Admin, Health and Life Sciences, Healthcare, Latest News, Marketing Cloud

Telehealth services transformed the way providers connected with patients. Patients loved it because it offered easy access to a healthcare professional without having to leave their homes. 

Surveys found that 93 percent of patients would use telemedicine to manage prescriptions, and 91 percent said it helps them manage appointments, prescription refills and helps them follow regimen recommendations. 

But during this drive toward simplified patient-centric services, the quick response to a global healthcare crisis left providers feeling unprepared, overwhelmed, and less in control of the direction of their healthcare delivery systems. 

Don’t get me wrong; telemedicine is great, but it’s only one part of what should be a comprehensive, coordinated approach to sustainable healthcare that SUPPORTS your busy schedule rather than create more work for you. 

Telehealth is just one way providers can connect with patients. Think about the ways you connect with loved ones in your life right now: text messages, emails, zoom calls, even a personal phone call from time to time all work together to create an engaging relationship. That’s what taking an omnichannel approach to care looks like for the patient experience. 

But where should you start? 


Our goal for implementing a new system is to build around three functions


1. Fee scheduling and negotiations. 

Can the system help determine what qualifies as the same type of treatment, whether we are face to face or using telemedicine? Is there a place for clinic claims, billing, engagement, and patient appeals and grievances? Can the system coordinate income from different sources? The change management team can customize a system that coordinates those needs into one system. 

2. Measure of utilization

With doctors constantly rotating from their office to a clinic, how can they…



Want to keep reading? The complete ebook is free to download here: How to Deliver Personalized Healthcare Experiences at Scale




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