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3 ways communications and media companies are beating you with Salesforce Data Cloud

May 7, 2024 | Admin, Data Integration, Latest News, Media and Communications

Looking for reasons to implement Data Cloud to leverage data management? If companies like AWS and Spotify aren’t reason enough to know companies in the communications and media industry need to ramp up their competitive game, we’ll give you three reasons.

It makes data management for comms and media companies easy, smart, and profitable. 

Let’s discuss the advantages of using a single source for data and why centralized data can lead to better data analytics and monetization. 


Unified Data Management 

Most Salesforce conversations lead off with centralized data and with good reason.

Data is money. 

Data Cloud offers a centralized platform for managing vast amounts of data generated across various channels in the comms and media industries. It simplifies data storage, processing, and analysis, allowing companies to access and utilize their data more efficiently. 

With unified data management, comms and media companies can streamline operations, improve decision-making, and enhance customer experiences. So, how do telecom and media companies cash in on this feature? 

“By unifying and harmonizing that data, it creates a golden record that contains all the information about your customers, your orders, cases, vehicles, or whatever entity you choose. And much of the data processing can be done in real time, which is really important for applications like logistics tracking, fraud detection, patient information, and customer engagement,” Steve Fisher, executive VP of Technology at Salesforce, said.

“For example, we can build marketing segments by looking at how customers are engaging with our products on our website and automatically adding them in and out of the segments.”  

This Customer 360 capability transforms the possibilities for elevating customer experiences today and sets the stage for data-supported future growth. 


Scalable Analytics 

Data Cloud provides scalable analytics capabilities that enable communications and media companies to analyze large volumes of data in real-time or near real-time. This empowers organizations to derive actionable insights faster, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions to stay competitive in rapidly evolving markets. 

From a customer experience perspective, the advantage of using Data Cloud is that you have customer data and can make customer-centric decisions quickly by understanding your customer at every stage of a sales cycle through AI-powered insights and analytics. 

By leveraging scalable analytics, communications and media companies can optimize content delivery, personalize user experiences, and more effectively target audiences.


Data Monetization Opportunities 

Studies show that 41 percent of companies are transforming data into valuable assets that generate revenue by sharing data with external partners or leveraging data assets within the company. 

Salesforce recently announced the Zero Copy Partner Network, which allows companies to access data across multiple locations without having to move it manually. This means no more storage costs, security concerns, or performance issues. 

Companies can develop innovative products, services, and business models by leveraging advanced analytics and insights generated from their data. For instance, data showing a customer’s viewing habits and preferences can help a streaming service company recommend targeted movies and TV shows for their customers. 

Data monetization helps telecom and media companies diversify revenue streams and create additional value for customers and stakeholders.

In the communication, media, and tech industries, the possibilities of what could be are happening right now. Simplifying data management streamlines operations, empowers smarter decision-making, and enhances profitability. 

Can we meet? We’d love to talk about ways a centralized approach to data can help telecom/media companies like yours crush the competition and unlock opportunities for advanced analytics and lucrative monetization strategies. 



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