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AppExchange: There’s an app for that!

Jun 15, 2018 | Admin, Financial Services, Health and Life Sciences, High-Tech, Latest News, Manufacturing, Sales Cloud

If you want to get the most bang for your cloud-based buck, Salesforce AppExchange is something to consider.

Although most software systems can be designed to streamline your general work processes, AppExchange is an app ecosystem that provides access to millions of installs pertaining specifically to your industry. For example, if your company works with contracts or legal documents, you may want to install DocuSign to enhance your computing system. Or maybe your company is constantly struggling to organize emails for generating leads. For that, there are apps like MailChimp that are instrumental in facilitating impactful email campaigns. The possibilities are limitless. Here are three reasons why the AppExchange is great across all industries.


1. Caters to all industries

Salesforce appreciates the entrepreneurial spirit, and they understand that businesses ranging from doughnuts to dog collars can all benefit from specialized applications. Without custom options for every industry, businesses suffer. For example, when SilencerCo, a company that manufactures sound suppressors, muzzle devices, and gun products approached Simplus, they were relying on post-it notes to track support tickets. But with using the right apps from the AppExchange, SilencerCo discovered newfound efficiency.

Simplus updated SilencerCo’s computing system by integrating the company’s Gmail using the Ebsta app and integrating its phone system using the Tenfold app. Simplus also implemented Email-to-Case, Web-to-Case, and the Service Console to allow the support team to easily navigate their cases and the activity associated with each case.


2. Showcases innovation

AppExchange is a living ecosystem that provides a public forum where companies share business practices, news of app updates, and suggestions on innovative ways to update and utilize apps. It’s common for administrators to visit the AppExchange site to stay up-to-date on the latest app additions, so you know you’re always getting the latest in tech innovation for your own business solutions.


3. Provides convenient, pre-packaged options

Nobody would thumb their nose at using technology that streamlines work processes or enables employees to access information quickly, but installing new updates is a hassle, right? Wrong! These are pre-packaged, ready-to-install applications on the AppExchange, and they’re designed for convenience. And on top of that, the AppExchange offers a demo and a test drive. To quote the Simplus Coding Team, “It’s freakin’ awesome.”


BONUS tip: Managed v. Unmanaged

Customers have the option of purchasing Managed or Unmanaged packages on the AppExchange, and there are advantages to both. “Unmanaged packages are typically used to distribute open-source projects and applications so that developers have the basic building blocks of functionality,” says Fahad Munawar Khan, an independent Salesforce developer. “They can then later build additional functionality on top of it, or make a modification to the project based on their requirements.” An important note about Unmanaged packages is that they cannot be upgraded.

With Managed packages, the name says it all. “These packages are created from Salesforce Developer Edition organizations,” says Khan. “And Managed packages are fully upgradable.”


Whatever your needs are, if you are searching for specific business solutions, there’s an app for that! Call us here at Simplus for a wide range of services, including finding the perfect apps for your business. We are Simplus: Success Simplified.


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