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What you need to know about healthcare in 2024

Jan 29, 2024 | Admin, Health and Life Sciences, Healthcare, Latest News

The push for healthcare organizations to modernize has been growing stronger for years, but especially so since the pandemic practically forced patients, providers, payers, and more to adopt a more tech-savvy approach to their medical needs. Now approaching four years since that forced acceleration, many healthcare consumers and patients find themselves looking around and asking the big questions: why am I still waiting so long and filling out the same paperwork again and again?

Clearly, gaps remain in the digital transformation of healthcare. 

Patient burnout is real as more and more grow frustrated with the services that don’t deliver as seamlessly as they expected. These patients are looking for immediate answers, intuitive wearables, and most of all, quality care catered to them at every step. To achieve these goals, every player in the healthcare space—from pharma and providers to payers and medtech—needs to invest in the right technology solutions that will streamline and optimize operations with the individual patient in mind. For 2024, we see three major trends shaping tech investment decisions in healthcare: CDP readiness, broker automation, and patient-focused care processes.


There will be a heavy emphasis on CDP readiness

The customer data platform (CDP) is coming for every industry, and healthcare stands to gain some of the biggest benefits from adopting this solution. Patients and consumers love when their healthcare communications and care journeys are customized and personalized—that feeling that this is just about them alone. Leveraging Data Cloud and Marketing Cloud from Salesforce together, healthcare players of all kinds can consolidate and organize their consumer data so that that data becomes actionable and valuable along every patient touchpoint. 

Another key part of CDP readiness is preparing data: cleansing, validating, and sorting out data integrations to make sure the constant flow of data is fit for purpose within your chosen CDP. This type of data preparation and analysis is especially crucial for healthcare organizations to ensure they maintain the highest levels of industry compliance and regulatory adherence. 


Brokers will adopt more automated relationship management tools

The second major focus area for healthcare technology in 2024 is automation for healthcare brokers. This area is two-fold: brokers looking for their own enrollment automation and brokers automating the way they manage provider networks. 

First, broker enrollment automation. With Salesforce Health Cloud, you can create a broker-led enrollment experience that not only automates onboarding and knowledge training but also provides large group sales, underwriting workflows, and renewal management directly in the hands of brokers. Empowerment and enablement, right from the get-go. 

Secondly, provider network management on Health Cloud is the Salesforce answer for brokers looking to do the same for their providers: enable and empower. A strong PNM can transform the way payers interact with their providers, from recruitment and credentialing to contracting, onboarding, and maintenance. This end-to-end automation optimizes results and reduces the need for manual interventions for complex relationship navigation. Agents are more efficient, and the integrations are seamless for providers and brokers alike. 


Patient-focused care remains a priority for providers

Finally, but most importantly, quality care management is a top priority for providers. According to recent reports, only 10 to 30 percent of care plan members feel truly engaged with and involved in their care plans. Evidently, there is much left to be desired for patient-centric care, and it all starts with a dependable data hub for care management. 

Care Management on Salesforce Health Cloud supports providers not just by streamlining the repetitive administrative tasks but by putting functional, visible data improvements in the hands of doctors, nurses, and staff so that every interaction with patients is cohesive and in sync. From patient enrollment to care coordination and case management, the scalable care management solution has lowered readmission rates, delighted patients, and improved health outcomes. Additional add-ons are also available so providers can enhance their care technology with functionality for population management, formulary management, and clinical trials. 

Whether you’re a provider looking to streamline operations for better patient care or a medtech organization looking to stay on the pulse of consumer preferences for more personalized marketing, solutions are waiting for you. Let Simplus take a look at your goals and needs and create a technology roadmap for you. 



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