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3 Ways Digital Technology Adds a Personal Touch to Patient Care

Meet the new face of modern medicine.

By implementing things like virtual care, AI technology, and interoperability, digital technology gives a whole new meaning to the term “the doctor will see you now.” From a patient’s virtual visit and online purchase, early and accurate treatment with AI technology, and capturing real-time patient data capabilities, the most impactful healthcare keeps the patient at the heart of innovation and service.
What does that mean for healthcare providers? Plenty! For instance, new digital capabilities drive preventative patient care measures, such as using wearable devices to track patient data, target communities for research that moves pharmtech forward, support collaboration with EMR data to develop proactive patient care measures, streamline provider reimbursement processes, and organize cooperative real-time patient data to create a customer 360 profile for optimal care.
3 Ways Digital Technology Adds a Personal Touch to Patient Care

In this ebook, you’ll learn how…

  • Virtual health services connect patients with healthcare providers through omnichannel, self-service tools
  • AI technology expands medication and other treatment options, and utilizes granular forms of patient data to identify early signs of disease
  • Salesforce Genie enables healthcare providers to give patients the care and experience they are asking for faster
3 Ways Digital Technology Adds a Personal Touch to Patient Care

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