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Brokers, providers, and care management—healthcare on the cloud

Aug 17, 2023 | Admin, Health and Life Sciences, Healthcare, Latest News

Whether you’re a provider navigating the web of care plans for various patients or a healthcare payor organizing brokers and in-network patients for a group plan, healthcare management can get messy—fast. But moving the day-to-day workload of healthcare to a digitally savvy frontier, like the cloud, can quickly remedy longstanding frustrations and headaches by consolidating information in one central repository, elevating data to be dynamic and collaborative in real-time, and delivering a scalable platform for growth with IoT, AI, etc.

The Simplus and Infosys Salesforce practice has a series of POVs on how to use Salesforce Health Cloud to do all this (and more) for three specific areas of healthcare: broker enrollment processes, provider network management, and care plan management. You can preview each one of these information sheets and download today for further information.

Broker Enrollment


Care Management


Provider Network Management




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