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4 ways Simplus is on the pulse of healthcare technology

Jan 19, 2018 | Admin, Health and Life Sciences, Latest News

By using today’s digital technology, accessing patient information has never been easier. For example, pulling up the medical profile for Violet Thompson, a menopausal, 57-year-old patient, takes mere seconds. What’s not to love? Except the Violet Thompson who is scheduled to see the doctor today is 23 years old and dealing with infertility.

Convenience and accessibility are enticing motivators for updating healthcare software and streamlining office processes, but in an industry where mistakes can cost lives, presenting accurate information is a priority. “Roughly one-third of the time, data on blurry vision from the paper questionnaires didn’t match the electronic records,” says Lisa Rapaport. Researchers with JAMA Ophthalmology found that information also didn’t match 48 percent of the time.

If you are looking to innovate your healthcare data management system, here are four ways Salesforce Health Cloud and CRM systems may be the cure for what ails your office procedures.


1. Provides accuracy

Studies show that 80 percent of today’s healthcare providers use a digital platform for tracking patient information. So, it’s important that this information is current and accurate. “If a clinician is expected to remember vitals or is supposed to transcribe them from a paper note to an electronic system, the likelihood of inaccurate data increases due to human error,” says health writer Amy Vant. “If the electronic health system can accurately capture patient vital information and results, then human errors can be reduced.”


2. Mobile-friendly data

These days, healthcare has moved beyond the office and is literally out in the world. With healthcare providers examining patients via telecommunication, your data management system needs to be ready to handle information collected from an office highrise in Manhattan to a country clinic in Missoula. Cloud technology can now access and collect data from anywhere — in real-time — and drive feedback back to the patient, the provider, and the payer. This ability to provide an immediate response to care improves patient relations and enhances customer service.


3. Comprehensive medical profile information

Salesforce offers a comprehensive platform where all of a patient’s contact information, preferences, history, and any other important data is stored in one central digital location. But this isn’t just an information organizer. Instead, Salesforce has designed a platform that makes it easy to input new details about a patient’s care and allows authorized users who help in the healthcare delivery system to access those details. Instead of spending valuable time tracking down current information, healthcare providers can focus on what is most important — the patient.

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4. Streamlined payment process

healthcareImagine a world where patients can pay invoices from their phone. Pretty dope, yes?  Salesforce Health Cloud responds to the industry’s need for integrated and accurate information by providing improved data reporting and collection practices. With Health Cloud, the information shared with insurance companies will not only be comprehensive and timely, but built-in tools ensure providers adhere to HIPAA requirements. Finally, healthcare providers can use a software that is designed to help them focus on the important thing: patient care.


As the medical community races toward exciting advances in healthcare, your office needs to stay in tune with those changes, and the diagnosis for healthy office procedures begins with a robust CRM system. Take two aspirin, then call us! We can help.


Wondering how to start your healthcare CRM solution? Reach out to us at Simplus today.


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