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4 ways Health Cloud will elevate your doctor’s office to rock star status

Apr 24, 2018 | Admin, Health and Life Sciences, Implementation Services, Latest News, Sales Cloud

Can a patient management system transform a doctor’s office into rock star status? It can if it is Salesforce Health Cloud. According to a Consumer Reports survey, aggravations like billing disputes, finding a doctor who will actually answer questions, or rushed visits when you actually get an appointment have patients singing the blues. In most cases, these challenges can be fixed with improved office procedures, streamlined pathways, and better automation of the patient management system.

If the time has come for your office to adopt a more patient-centered approach to care, here are four reasons why Salesforce Health Cloud may change your tune on providing better customer service.


1. Improved customer service

Most patients want quick, informed answers to their healthcare questions. So it’s a little frustrating when anxious patients have to listen to the Muzak version of FooFighters for 10–15 minutes while the doctor’s office tracks down a file and finds someone who can read it to answer questions.

Ideal customer service is streamlined, automated, and patient-centered. That is what makes Health Cloud a perfect fit for today’s busy offices. A single, automated field provides patient information, medical history, payment history, care, treatment plans, medications, narratives from past appointments or coordinating care providers, etc. Your office may not know what questions will arise from patients on any given day, but with Health Cloud you will be ready for anything.


2. HIPAA compliant and wickedly secure

It’s astounding what cloud technology is doing for business and healthcare. But let’s be honest: it also makes some people a little queasy. Is it secure? More importantly, is my information safe? At Simplus, we understand that HIPAA compliance and security is a top priority for businesses, and we have the necessary skills and resources to ensure your information is safe, secure, accurate, accessible, and automated for convenience. “Our staff is prepared to help you navigate the sometimes tricky dance of providing an efficient, automated system that expands collaborative capabilities but remains secure, confidential, and compliant with government guidelines,” said Ryan Westwood, CEO of Simplus.


3. Collaborative access

With so many options available for patients to monitor vital signs and symptoms, medications, insurance, and healthcare provider information, organizing this array of changing data is a challenge. Fortunately, Health Cloud combines data from multiple sources. Along with electronic medical records, a doctor can access data generated by other care providers, coordinators, and even medical devices and wearables and file it in a single location.

If you aspire to be a rock star office manager, know that with Health Cloud patients can easily be contacted about upcoming appointments, pre-screening documents, test results, or general information via their preferred contact method within the Health Cloud system. Best of all, if a patient has questions, he or she can contact a healthcare provider by using SOS, the real-time face-to-face communication technology that is part of Health Cloud. Prepare to dazzle.


4. Comprehensive view of patient records

With access to a patient’s full medical history in one location, healthcare providers can better gauge a treatment plan by checking medications, vital records data, past appointments. They can even detect changes that may require early intervention with this view. One location means an improved decision-making process since all of the pertinent information is available in a single field.


So, if your current patient management system is giving you a headache, take two aspirin and then call us! We can help.


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