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Utility worker Salesforce tips and tricks

In many factories, there are individuals who are called “Utility Workers.” These are people who can fill in at almost any level when other workers are ill or unavailable. Utility Workers are great tools for businesses to have. In a digital world, the same can be said of Salesforce. Salesforce offers a plethora of services and can perform any number of industry support operations. There are, however, a few Salesforce tips and tricks that make it easier to get optimum use of this innovation.

First, you should know what data you need to store in Salesforce. If data exists in an external system you may need to move it to Salesforce so that it can be used in conjunction with other information that presents a whole picture. Accessing data through Salesforce and augmenting it with data from other storage locations is contrary to maximum productivity. Other data that is not relevant, however, can be eliminated or stored in other locations. The key is systematically reviewing the data to achieve relevancy. In order to achieve that degree of collaboration, many sources must be considered and stored in the correct “file.” People concerned with logistics, for instance, should be able to access pertinent data quickly and be able to see how their choices fit into supply-chain data, getting a whole-picture view without dealing with external, unrelated information.

Data should be updated and cleansed often, but the schedule needs to fit the needs of the corporation. If new product development information is released once weekly, but procurement data is only available bi-weekly, then a daily update is futile.

In addition, using the Salesforce features like page layouts can be valuable when people must access data that is stored in more than one location. Data that is not pertinent can be masked while granting access to all information required to make informed decisions.

The digital storage of information is a revolution that few other business advancements can match, and in that revolution, Salesforce is a major player. It is the “Utility Worker” of today’s data management.

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