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Using Twitter with Salesforce

Nov 28, 2014 | Admin, Data Integration, Latest News, Sales Cloud

Twitter is one of those services that is perfect for online marketing. Here are a few tools you can use to take advantage of Twitter functionality within Salesforce.


The Toucan CRM tool is a Twitter client for use with Salesforce that lets you connect the two together. You can locate tweets from contacts and users, as well as post updates and locate Twitter accounts associated with your company. You can launch a campaign on Twitter and check how effective it is using its metrics.

The site Hootsuite also has overlap with Toucan, so you can do Tweet scheduling here as well. It’s also possible to use this tool to respond to support cases that come up on Salesforce through Twitter, since many modern users prefer this method of communication online.

Toucan will even create a support case on Salesforce based on a Tweet you got automatically. You can log all your Tweets under your lead in order to keep track of the conversation as well.


SyncFrog allows you to integrate various services with Salesforce including Twitter, Google and Survey Monkey. You can get intelligent data loading from these other accounts. It’s also possible to look through data and create objects from the accounts into Salesforce.

The tool makes it easy to transfer information you have about customers from your Twitter account directly to Salesforce. You can even transfer information from one Salesforce  system to another using the data you collected from sites such as Twitter and others.

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