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Using pictures in Salesforce

Nov 7, 2014 | Admin, Latest News, Sales Cloud

If you’re needing to use images in Salesforce, it helps to download a few tools online that help you implement them both in Salesforce and other applications like Visualforce. Here are a few examples of tools related to images for the Salesforce platform.

Graphics Pack

This is a native package that is completely free to use.  You can use the images contained in it for tabs, image formulas, or on your Visualforce pages. There are hundreds of images in the pack, and each of them are 16 x 16 or 32 x 32 for icons.


This tool allows you to instantly add pictures to the Salesforce cloud. You can also do it with video, audio files, and folders as well. You can publish all of these media to your customer facing website as well as right through Salesforce.

The tool also provides you with storage space that has no limits, and that will scale to what you need. It’s also compatible with any of your mobile devices. You can also stream media right to your Chatter, and there’s no file limitation.

The tool allows you to embed media folders in your content library. It also lets you show photos or stream videos right from the library. You can also attach picture media folders and other types of media directly to custom or standard objects such as leads, cases, or products.

Using pictures can really help enhance how you do business through Salesforce and these tools can be a good start for achieving this goal.

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