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Using budgets in Salesforce

Oct 30, 2014 | Admin, Latest News, Sales Cloud

The key to any successful campaign through Salesforce is to budget everything out according to your plan. Here are a few tools to help you with budgeting within Salesforce.


This service lets you plan out budgets without having to deal with Excel. No matter how small your business is, you can use this service to have the kind of planning power usually reserved for enterprises. The service lets you interact with other employees or team members through a workflow planning tool, as well as an internal communication tool.

The service also allows you to create templates for budgets based specifically on your business automatically. The entire service integrates seamlessly with Salesforce. This service does have a monthly cost attached to it.


This tool is entirely free to use with Salesforce. It allows you to track budgets on multiple levels. It also allows you to assign budgets to particular owners. You can reclaim budgets that aren’t being used when you want to as well.

There are four different level types within the tool. At the top level you can see the complete budget for an entire department. At the second level you can see program budgets that you’ve set within the departments. At the third level you can show particular overall items, and the fourth level lists the actual individual expenditures.

This organization makes it easy to see how your entire business is spending money at every level, and to make tweaks to change the direction your business goes in as costs and profits fluctuate.

For more information about planning out your business through Salesforce, you should contact us.


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