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Use What You Pay For in Salesforce

Jul 30, 2014 | Admin, Latest News, Sales Cloud

Use What You Pay For in Salesforce


Web-to-Lead and Web-to-Case

Available on: GE, PE, EE, UE, PXE

With a few clicks, you can generate the HTML code to add to a lead or case form on your website and have that information pushed directly into Salesforce. You can do this on standard or custom fields and can then apply assignment rules to route the incoming Leads or Cases to the appropriate owner.



Available on: PE (No Opp Splits), EE, UE, PXE

Forecasts allow you to predict and plan the sales cycle based on a rollup of Opportunities. The Opportunities are segmented into 4 forecast categories (Pipeline, Best Case, Commit, Closed) which updates automatically as the stage progresses. The Opportunities are also segmented by date range based on the Close Date. Then for the summed amount, you have a few different options: 1) Opportunity Amount (Revenue) 2) Opportunity Quantities 3) Opportunity Splits (Revenue) 4) Product Families (Revenue, Quantity, or both).


Field History

Available on: CM, GE, PE, EE, UE, PXE

Track changes on up to 20 fields per object by capturing the prior value, the user, and the date/time of the change. You can then run reports on the historical data to audit changes or refer back to data at a certain point in time.


Dynamic Dashboards

Available on: EE, UE, PXE

Say you need a Sales Pipeline dashboard, which should show an individual just their Opportunities and pipeline data. Rather than creating a dashboard for each of your users, Dynamic Dashboards allow you to define the running user for the dashboard as the logged in user. As long as your report components are filtered with a ‘My’ or ‘My Team’ filter, each user will then only see his/her relevant records.


Feed-Based Page Layouts

Available on: EE, UE, PXE

The Feed-Based Layout option allows you to split Chatter information and Record Details into 2 tabs. This allows Chatter to have even more features on record pages (like Feed Filters) while not taking up space on the record detail page.


Record Types

Available on: EE, UE, PXE

Record Types allow you to offer different business processes, picklist values, and page layouts either on a user basis (by Profile) or record basis (Net New Opps vs. Upsell Opps).



Available on: CM, GE, PE, EE, UE, PXE

The latest mobile sensation sweeping the nation is Salesforce1 and its sidekick SalesforceA. Access and update Salesforce data from an interface that is optimized for navigating and working on a touchscreen mobile device.


Workflow Rules

Available on: EE, UE, PXE

Workflow rules allow you to trigger additional actions when certain criteria is met. The automated actions can be field updates, email alerts, task assignment, and outbound messages. For example, every time an Opportunity has the Close Date pushed to the future, you want to increment a custom field called “Push Counter” for reporting and auditing.

9. Search

Available on: PE, EE, UE, PXE

Even without the additional purchase of’s Clean or Prospector license, you can still perform a basic search in to find additional accounts, contacts, or leads and then manually add those records to Salesforce.


Joined Reports

Available on: EE, UE, PXE

Joined reports allow you to include several different report types (or even multiples of the same report type) in one report with a common field uniting them and providing the grouping level. For example, you may want a way to show Accounts with the current Open Opportunities and Open Cases side by side.


CRM Content and Libraries

Available on: CM, GE, PE, EE, UE, PXE

Share, search, version, and store important company documents in Salesforce using CRM Content. Then, organize and segment your content within Libraries to provide access to certain users or groups with varying rights in the Library. Preview files directly in Salesforce, refer to past versions, comment, and subscribe all without downloading anything. You can also allow your staff to create content packs within Salesforce, which is a grouping of multiple pieces of content, delivered to customer via URL link so you can track if it was opened, password protect it, and even prevent downloading.


Tagging and Chatter Topics

Available on: CM, GE, PE, EE, UE, PXE

Both personal Tags and Chatter Topics allow users to quickly add key words to a record for later reference. Tags create a sidebar shortcut and tagged records can be displayed in a format similar to Global Search results. Topics, on the other hand, are tied more closely to Chatter, can be favorited, and searched. Each option can allow users to store helpful information on the record that doesn’t fit into a current field.


Scheduled Reports and Dashboards

Reports available on: PE, EE, UE, PXEDashboards available on: EE, UE, PXE

You can email a report or dashboard to Users or Groups on a Daily, Weekly, or Monthly basis. This is a great way to automatically keep you and your team on top of your data.


Stay In Touch

Available on: CM, GE, PE, EE, UE, PXE

Stay-in-touch requests allow you to send an email out to customers with a summary of their contact details to verify. If changes are needed, the customer can click a link in the email to provide the updates which the Contact owner then accepts and clicks a link to update.


AppExchange Apps

In addition to all the great features available out-of-the-box, there are thousands of Apps (free and paid) on the AppExchange which can further enhance your Salesforce experience. From duplicate prevention to DocuSign integration, the sky is the limit.

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*CM: Contact Manager, GE: Group Edition, PE: Professional Edition, EE: Enterprise Edition, UE: Unlimited Edition, PXE: Performance Edition

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