Unlimited quote generation with Conga and Salesforce CPQ

by Alexandra Stehman

If you’re wondering what the new Salesforce and Conga partnership might mean for you, wonder no more. The new agreement empowers Salesforce CPQ customers with a supercharged document generation engine built just for automating beautiful proposal packages and quote contracts from CPQ quotes on Salesforce using a leader of document automation: Conga Quote Generator.

Are your admins complaining about yet another tool? Note that Conga Quote Generator is super simple to set up and configure—regardless of CPQ edition—incurring minimal overhead on already busy Salesforce admins. And, if they need assistance, Conga’s rich online knowledgebase is freely available for them to find whatever they need.

Let’s explore how each of the different types of CPQ customers can get the most doc for their dollars.


CPQ: Advanced CPQ for teams of any size

Generate Proposal packages and Quotes from any Salesforce CPQ quoting object, including complex quotes with large data volume.

Conga Quote Generation comes packaged with CPQ as a discounted add-on. Large quotes with hundreds of line items are no problem for Conga Quote Generator.


CPQ+: Deeply customizable CPQ

Same as basic CPQ, but at $0 extra per user, per month.


CPQ+ With Billing: Connect quotes, contracts, orders, and invoices

Customers at the top tier of Salesforce CPQ service can also add Conga Invoice Generation to their existing contract at no additional licensing cost. This will include a freemium version of Conga Quote Generator that Salesforce Billing customers can use 1,000 invoices per month on—again, with no additional cost per user, per month.


Why do I get more out of Salesforce CPQ with Conga Quote Generator?

Of course, you may be wondering what this free stuff is really worth to your business. Salesforce doesn’t usually team up with third-party software companies for no reason: Conga Quote Generator provides a much higher degree of flexibility in your output document generation. Salesforce has recognized the limitations of the basic, out-of-the-box CPQ quote document generator, and realizes that customers often need more than what that tool can deliver.

Conga Quote Generator can drive down your Sales cycles by automating dynamically branded, proposal package generation with variable document selection, and can streamline order form and contract creation, with easily integrated e-signature options. Just as you need CPQ to tailor and configure your quotes specific to each deal, so also do you need to tailor and configure your proposal, quote, and contract documents. Conga Quote Generator provides support for compound documents, handling mixed media files (PDF, Word, and Excel), and handles large data volume easily. For those power users with super custom, integrated needs, Conga Quote Generator also offers a headless, API-based mode of operation.


AlexAlexandra is a CLM Solutions Architect here at Simplus. She has over five years’ experience implementing Salesforce solutions for clients across multiple different verticals. Her recent work includes growing Simplus’ CLM practice, including implementing SpringCM and Conga solutions, providing process and project leadership, overseeing implementations, leading and growing the Conga and SpringCM teams, managing the partner relationship with SpringCM and Conga, and assisting in pre-sales activities for SpringCM and Conga engagements.

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