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Trimed Medical is a company that sells durable medical equipment. Specializing in orthopedics, Trimed’s equipment helps anyone recovering from knee, hip, elbow, or other joint surgery. Trimed Medical was in need of an update of its medical and patient records for several reasons:

Paper Records: Trimed was operating in a paper-laden environment that hindered efficiency. Many patient transactions required signatures that had to be printed out.

Data Entry Redundancy: Oftentimes, multiple copies of paperwork existed between the office and field representatives.

Cycle Delay: No actions could be made until the records returned from field reps. Once returned, the records had to be manually entered into the system, further delaying actions and increasing the chance of human error.

Complex Systems: Trimed was unable to find a system suitable for its needs and was unable to customize on its own.

Simplus helped TriMed with the implementation of a Salesforce solution to help modernize its records and help with field rep efficiencies:

Built Custom Environments: Out-of-box solutions were too complex and didn’t fit well into Trimed’s business model. Simplus worked to build a custom solution for Trimed’s logistical and communication needs.

Modernized Back Office Operations: All records and patient info were migrated to a centralized electronic platform. A chatter function was installed to improve communication between the company and patients about documentation and delivery of equipment.

Increased Field Rep Efficiency: Field reps were equipped with tablets and scanners which allowed for real-time approval of documentation and orders. The integration of a map function allows reps to quickly see where items needed to be delivered and allowed for urgent deliveries to be made, if necessary.

After implementation of its Sales Cloud solution, Trimed Medical enjoyed the following results:

Reduction of Paper Records: With a new, centralized electronic records system, Trimed saw a significant reduction in paper usage, which increased order turnover and decreased time in data entry.

Improved Field Operations: With real-time scanning of products and document signing, field delivery time has significantly decreased. Additionally, the new map function automatically picks routes for optimal delivery, increasing the number of deliveries that each rep can complete.


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