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Tips to Find an MVP Managed Services Team For Implementation

Feb 10, 2023 | Managed Services


In these uncertain economic times, did you have to switch plays on digital transformation? We understand the pressures today’s businesses face to stay in the competitive game. With companies needing to do more with less resources, the value that innovation brings to the field really matters. 

It’s one of the reasons why many companies turn to a managed services team. Managed Services teams can take on the bulk of managing your front-to-back office processes and optimizations, helping to solve challenges around limited internal IT resources,  technical debt and wasteful practices, all while aligning the technology roadmap with business goals. 

Recent research shows that the global managed services market, which is already valued around $270 billion, is expected to grow around 13.6 percent from 2023 to 2030. This growth proves that teaming up with an experienced MS team is a game-changer for better customer engagement, a streamlined infrastructure, and maximizing business efficiencies. 

Let’s face it. Pivoting in the face of change comes with choices. It’s not hard to find a managed services provider. The name of the game is finding the right one for you. 

Selecting an experienced managed services team is the most important step you’ll take. If you’re not sure where to start, these five questions will help you find a Managed Services MVP to keep your digital transformation in play. 

1. Is the team credible?

A capable and reputable company has nothing to hide, and an online customer approval rating is public knowledge. Check sites like Glassdoor or G2 to learn more about the company’s experience and CSAT scores. Which companies have they worked with in the past? Check for similarities in the reviewer’s challenges and results to determine if this managed services team will be a good fit for you. 

Also consider the company’s skill set. Rapport and professionalism are great. But your implementation requires certified skills experience that is not limited to specific software but advanced knowledge on how tools within an ecosystem best performs within your industry. 

2. Are they experienced?

Don’t underestimate the value of specialized experience. In addition to specific technical expertise, ask for past industry-specific examples when selecting an MS team. Advanced industry knowledge can leverage software capabilities for a customized, optimal performance. 

3. Is it a dedicated team?

We believe every client deserves a first-string team, committed to delivering effective, customized strategies. Success is a collaborative effort. Look for a dedicated team that offers consistent service and total accountability. When your MS team understands the IT needs of your company, it makes it easier for other team players to focus on their jobs. 

4. Are they accessible?

Selecting a qualified team shouldn’t mean compromising on accessibility. Combining project leads in your region with service delivery centers stationed all over the world, we adhere to your office hours with services available whenever you need it most. 

5. What about value? 

Wins don’t just happen by chance; They are the result of smart plays and precise planning. The way your MS team plays the game impacts the value of the overall implementation strategy. A team that miscalls plays in the huddle, blitzes on vague, quick decisions or fumbles over the company’s goals runs the risk of losing to technical debt. 

At Simplus, we operate under a fixed-fee model. We direct targeted expertise at the stages most pivotal to your implementation while providing consistent proficiency and well-timed management throughout the duration of the project. In the words of the late, great, Coach Tom Landry, “The secret to winning is constant, consistent management.” 

For Simplus, providing Managed Services means being a true partner to our clients. Yeah, we love the long ball, but we especially love delivering our clients a “win.” And that means pairing our digital technology savvy with industry experience in ways that offer trust, value, accessibility, meaningful, practical innovation, and dedication.



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Grant Acosta
Grant Acosta
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