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INvest in OUTsourced Help: The Case for a Strategic Services Partnership

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Your tech stack could always use a helping hand

How are changing demands for digital-based services impacting your business? Are you facing an immediate need to redistribute limited funds for innovation? Do you need to invest in restructuring and retraining your staff? Has the need for digital transformation left your IT team lacking advanced skills?

Recent surveys found that around 91 percent of businesses have committed to some form of digital initiatives, and 87 percent of business leaders surveyed said digitalization is a priority. Other studies found that marketing pressures, notably an increasingly competitive climate influenced the decision to innovate. But with an uncertain economic climate, how can you respond to increasing demands and rising operational costs without losing precious time—or your shirt?

You need solutions. Strategic Services solutions.

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In this ebook, you’ll learn…

  • The pros and cons of in-house versus third-party managed services providers
  • What exceptional strategic services for Salesforce should look like
  • Tips to recruit your own strategic services team
  • How strategic services prove their value during hard times
10 Things IT Leaders Should Consider When Merging Salesforce Orgs thumb

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