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Tips for Nonprofits using Salesforce

Nov 20, 2014 | Admin, Latest News, Sales Cloud

If you are running a nonprofit, or if you are running campaigns that include interactions with nonprofits, there are tools that can assist you in this endeavor in Salesforce. Here are a few examples of nonprofit tools you can use.

Contacts and Organizations for the Nonprofit Start Pack

This tool is completely free to use and it gives you additional nonprofit features in Salesforce. For example, you can track donations more easily within the tool. It also allows for support for individuals with B2C. It’s also easy to rollup Donations into Contacts.

Additionally, you have the ability to manage various multiple phone numbers and email addresses related to nonprofits all simultaneously. The tool is native for Salesforce.

Nonprofits 101

The Nonprofits 101 pack is also free to use. The organization Cloud for Good is the one that puts it out. This resource helps educational and Nonprofit organizations understand how to use Salesforce more effectively. It’s essentially a knowledge-base that specifically focuses in on nonprofits.

Volunteers for Salesforce

This free tool helps you manage events involving volunteers. You can track and manage data related to how the volunteers are going to help such as what hours each of them wants to commit, what shifts they want to be on, and which jobs they want to do specifically.

The package also allows you to create and manage signups publically with an appropriate page on your website. Overall, the tool just makes it easier to manage volunteer campaigns, whether they are part of an ongoing Nonprofit campaign, or whether they are a one-time thing within your business.

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