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The energy and utilities guide to the Salesforce Spring ’23 Release

Mar 27, 2023 | Admin, Latest News, Manufacturing, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud

With economic predictions for the year forecasting tight budgets and bleak outlooks, consumers will be turning quickly to energy and utility companies looking for ways to cut back and save whatever they can. Is your company prepared to handle the increased demand for service and maintain customer loyalty through the storm? Luckily, some of the latest Spring ‘23 Release enhancements from Salesforce will aid energy and utility companies in weathering these concerns.

The latest Salesforce release helps business leaders in energy and utilities build stronger customer relationships and house more intuitive contracting processes. Let’s review the highlights of the release for the industry:


Enhancements to contact center for Energy & Utilities Cloud

The contact center console with E&U Cloud has been updated to encourage your support agents to build stronger, longer-lasting relationships with customers. Actionable Relationship Center is a new way to improve customer satisfaction scores with customized relationships. Action Launcher lets reps search the entire VPL and take next steps. Customer Interest Tagging (within the Profile tab) allows reps to mark customer interests, concerns, or service needs for easy future reference. Your customer service can drive the business forward with enhancements like these, not just maintain the status quo. 

Applicable Clouds: Energy & Utilities Cloud with Base Service license


Enhancements to MuleSoft Direct for Energy & Utilities Cloud

MuleSoft Direct has been enhanced to give energy and utility leaders more control over their external billing systems and make it easier to contract with any customer. This extends the capabilities of the Contact Center Console within the E&U Cloud and allows you to gather data from legacy or third-party systems, making the view of the customer more robust and more comprehensive. 

Applicable Clouds: MuleSoft with Energy & Utilities Cloud 


If you’d like more support enhancing your Salesforce instance to drive greater operational efficiency and reach customers where they are, contact Simplus. Our proven experts can help and start talking today. 



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