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The complete Going Remote webinar series is now on-demand!

Jun 19, 2020 | Admin, Latest News, Remote Work Consulting

It’s the complete five-part webinar series from Simplus all about how to handle culture, operations, and customer service in a new era of remote business—and it’s now all on-demand to watch at your convenience!

With nearly every professional organization having to suddenly adjust their business model and adapt to new realities, we thought we could lend some expertise in the remote work arena. Having been a largely remote-based workforce since our beginning, Simplus is uniquely positioned to help organizations not only with short-term transitions but also with preparing long-term strategies for scalable, remote growth. Whether your concern is maintaining company morale when everyone is apart or streamlining customer service during times of crisis, this Going Remote webinar series has answers to your most pressing questions. 

Check out our synopses of the five distinct webinars below and find links to each of the on-demand recordings. We may be six feet (or more) apart and working from home, but we’re working more closely together than ever before. 


Webinar #1: Run a High-Performing Team from Home

In this webinar, you’ll learn new communication strategies to effectively communicate when face-to-face is not an option, how to locate and share information with teams efficiently, how to help your team members build a remote work environment to do their jobs efficiently, and how to keep the work environment fun, exploring the role empathy, encouragement, and humor play in inspiring your team.

Featured speakers: Isaac Westwood, COO at Simplus; and Eric Rodwell, VP of Solutions Engineering at Conga




Webinar #2: Customer Experience & the New Normal

Are you ready for the next new normal? With talk of what happens after “the turn,” organizations may not necessarily be going back to business as usual. Instead, companies may find that how they’ve been doing business and communicating with their customers now will still be just as crucial. Readiness to adopt and transform in this next new normal will be essential to delivering excellent customer experience. Learn insights and see real solutions that can get you ready.

Featured speakers: Kim Georgeton, Managing Director at Simplus Digital Practice; Sheri Atienza, Director of Product Marketing at Vonage APIs; and David Herzog, Sr. Dir. of Alliances and Biz Dev at Vonage Contact Center




Webinar #3: Transforming Delivery

Maintaining customer fulfillment and delivery processes with an entirely remote workforce may seem like an impossible ask. But with the right technology and methodology, remote delivery isn’t just possible, but it can be more effective than before. With Simplus’ Ryan Northington and MuleSoft’s Scott Buswell, this webinar will tackle ways to identify and fill gaps in your remote delivery strategy and the advantages of utilizing a Managed Services Provider.

Featured speakers: Ryan Northington, President North America at Simplus; and Scott Buswell, Americas VP Services at MuleSoft




Webinar #4: How to Build an Amazing Culture in a Remote Setting

Workplace culture is never more important than when your workforce is remote. Whether you have team members dispersed around the globe or a local workforce that quickly has to manage job responsibilities while homeschooling and caring for young children, keeping morale high has never been more important. 

Ryan Westwood and Jen Bailin, both seasoned executives who have seen their share of unusual business environments, have developed tried-and-true strategies to keep culture strong no matter the situation. Chester Elton has spent two decades helping clients engage their employees in organizational strategy, vision, and values. Together, these three dynamic and knowledgeable speakers make for a ca n’t-miss webinar. 

Featured speakers: Ryan Westwood, CEO at Simplus; Jen Bailin, VP at Salesforce; Chester Elton, author, coach, and keynote speaker at The Culture Works.




Webinar #5: Automating Quote-to-Cash Processes for Medical Device Companies

Successful medical device companies all have something in common: automated processes for the quote-to-cash (QTC) journey. But the path to attaining this level of operational efficiency isn’t always common knowledge. That’s why Simplus’ experts in Salesforce CPQ for medical device companies—Gilles Muys and Paul Stevenson—are coming together in this webinar to showcase just that.

During this webinar, you’ll learn about the costs of inefficient QTC processes in the medical device industry and how QTC automation improves your company’s collaborative work environment. We also feature some strategic drivers for paving the way for QTC automation in medical device organizations. The best part? It’s all based on our firsthand experiences implementing Salesforce CPQ for medical device companies like Ziehm Medical.

Featured speakers: Gilles Muys, VP of Customer Solutions at Simplus; Paul Stevenson, Principal Advisory Strategist at Simplus



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