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What telco and media need to know about Salesforce Spring ‘22

Mar 17, 2022 | Admin, Latest News, Media and Communications

For years, top communications and media organizations have used Salesforce as their hub for customer insights, sales analytics, and subscription management. From T-Mobile and Telstra to NBCUniversal and Pandora, there are countless stories of innovative solutioning and high-growth operations to inspire. Salesforce keeps organizations of all sizes in the telco and media space current with ongoing updates, and Spring ‘22 is the latest. 

For communications and media companies, there are several relevant updates in the Spring ‘22 release of Salesforce, including improvements to data predictions, sales, subscription management, and more. In this blog, we’ll share an overview of the six most significant updates:


Churn predictions in Tableau CRM

Applicable Cloud: Tableau CRM for Communications 

Communications companies can always use better analytics to get to know their subscribers. With the churn predictions updates in Tableau, telco organizations can now also better gauge subscriber sentiment with dynamic snapshots of customer interactions alongside forecasts of the customer’s likelihood to churn. This is especially powerful for telco service reps who often handle dissatisfied customers.


Enhancements to enterprise sales

Applicable Cloud: Communications Cloud

With the latest enhancements to enterprise sales within Communications Cloud, communications sales representatives can now bring even more accuracy to quoting and easily pull up serviceability information. This is powered by additional technologies like Google APIs and Salesforce Maps, allowing telco organizations to validate addresses within seconds. 


Enhancements to mobile subscription management

Applicable Cloud: Communications Cloud and Tableau CRM for Communications

Updates to the Mobile Subscription Management feature in Communications Cloud have made it even easier to improve service rep productivity. The new enriched console provides more analytics from Tableau and suggestions to minimize churn, increase CSAT, or raise NPS, according to your company’s set KPIs. You can also display multi-service subscriptions and get greater contextual service information. 


Enhancements to product versioning

Applicable Cloud: Communications Cloud

Telco and media companies will also be interested in the updates made to product versioning. Users can now extend digital commerce solutions to drive more innovation and market response. This is supported by sales teams tracking modifications to the existing offers in order to avoid business disruption. With this ability to quickly modify and deploy product changes seamlessly, your team can innovate without pause. 


Enhancements to offer specification

Applicable Cloud: Communications Cloud

Another extension to your digital commerce solution is offer specification. Sales teams can now streamline new offers or bundles and create net new deals while still reducing product modeling efforts. This allows your organization to go to market faster with new offers without creating upstream headaches. 


Inventory analytics for advertising management

Applicable Cloud: Media Cloud with Advertising Sales Management add-on

A pivotal update for media companies, in particular, is inventory analytics for advertising sales. This enhancement includes new dashboards for all your pricing and demand, so publishers can prioritize which ad products are most in demand and modify them for maximum return. 


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