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What tech companies need to know about maintaining PRM

Aug 19, 2022 | Admin, Community Cloud, Latest News

Increasingly, tech companies are prioritizing investing in their channel partners. And it’s easy to understand why: Indirect sales play a disproportionately big role in companies’ revenue streams. A whopping 91 percent of B2B leaders say that they count on their partner ecosystem to drive their company’s revenue growth, with one-third of these respondents reporting that partners are responsible for more than 20 percent of their company’s growth, according to 2021 research by Demand Gen and Channel Marketer Report. 

One of the most critical investments that tech companies can make to support their channel partners’ success is implementing partner relationship management (PRM). A PRM portal like the industry-leading Salesforce Experience Cloud enables tech companies to comprehensively manage and strengthen relationships with all their channel partners. When Experience Cloud is optimized for channel partners and the company alike, it can dramatically change the trajectory of how channel partners prioritize and engage with the company. Through PRM, tech companies can share tools, knowledge, and up-to-date information—all fully aligned to the company’s strategic values. To get the most out of implementing PRM, it’s crucial for IT teams at tech companies to understand what PRM is capable of and how to configure and maintain it optimally. Let’s explore five things every company’s IT team needs to know to maximize PRM’s value:


Build out PRM’s most popular, must-have features

Tech companies use PRM to improve relationships with their channel partners in several different ways, but some features of PRM are so valuable that no tech company should pass them up. First, tech companies should set up a searchable knowledge base that enables partners to easily get answers they’re looking for on their own, from one centralized place. Second, tech companies should…


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