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Strike a perfect chord with your customer base

Feb 16, 2018 | Admin, Implementation Services, Latest News, Service Cloud

Notes are reverberating in your eardrums—soft at first, the sound slowly rises—a sweet crescendo. Step up the volume: It’s the melodious music of happy customers! They’re all praising your company, products, and service. It’s a spectacular symphony, masterfully composed—yeah, you know it—by you.

Sound discordant to your reality? Quiet those jarring notes and pervade the airwaves with harmonious customer relations with Salesforce Service Cloud as your backup. Generally, you know what your customers want: quality products and timely, customized service. But how do you keep track of their experiences with your products? How do you empower your service agents to seamlessly provide solutions? With features like Case Management, Lightning Console, and Social Customer Service, Service Cloud hands you the instruments you need to simultaneously tune into both your customers and your service agents and evoke their resonant words of devotion: “You deliver,” “You got that right,” and “You get me.”


“You deliver.”

chord2When your customers decide they want something, they want it yesterday. We all know that feeling. You want to exceed their expectations, and you want your service agents to know they can deliver on that desire. With the Case Management feature in Service Cloud, your customer service agents are connected to all activity related to each customer support case. For example, when a customer calls about an expedited order, the agent can review the case, find the request and the shipping invoice, and confidently confirm that the product is on its way. Through Case Management, Service Cloud empowers your delivery.


“You got that right.”

Your customers expect the right answers. So to make those customers happy, you want to enable your service agents to target the right answers as efficiently as possible. Service Cloud’s Lightning Console feature hands your agents the keys: it’s the portal to your customer service universe. From the console, agents have access to customer profiles, histories, accounts, and service knowledge bases all from one intuitive interface. Let’s say a customer calls in wondering about third-party compatibility on accessories for his new electronic device. With Lightning Console, your agents are empowered to search the knowledge base and even find experts with the right answers—all at warp speed.

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“You get me.”

chord1Your customers want you to understand where they’re coming from. If a product fails, they want your service team to handle it seamlessly. With the Social Customer Service feature of Service Cloud, agents engage with customers on their chosen social media channels for a personalized experience. For instance, a customer posts on Facebook that the handle on his new briefcase, purchased from your company, has broken. How flabbergasted would he be if your service agent proactively called him to offer a replacement before he could sing one more note of the blues? After that moment of silence, he’d be sure to change his tune and join the glee club. Getting your customers is a socially integrated experience with the Social Customer Service feature of Service Cloud.


In your search for customer service solutions that will enliven your service agents and inspire your customers to raise the roof with their joyful chorus, let Salesforce Service Cloud audition as your backup. And prepare to compose customer relationships that are resoundingly sweet.


If you’re ready to start making music with Service Cloud, go with a Platinum Salesforce consulting partner: contact Simplus today.


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