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4 strategies for tech companies to manage PRM like a pro

Aug 12, 2022 | Admin, Community Cloud, High-Tech, Latest News

If tech companies are not continuously investing in enterprise-level transformation, they’re doomed to flounder and fail. However, a majority of tech companies are struggling on this front, hampered by overreliance on legacy business operational models. Among technology leaders, 60 percent of CIOs and CTOs say their company’s technology modernization is not yet ready for the future, according to 2021 industry research from IBM. Not having the right infrastructure in place is consequential for companies—not only affecting the performance of employees, but also channel partners. Many tech companies are wholly dependent on robust networks of channel partners to extend the company’s brand and support its growth. And yet tech companies are not particularly good at building the infrastructure to support, empower, and lead their partners to success.

The interactions between a tech company and its sales partners are known as partner relationship management (PRM), and there’s no better PRM solution than the industry-leading Salesforce Experience Cloud. Salesforce’s PRM is designed to help tech companies comprehensively manage relationships with all of their channel partners. Using PRM, tech companies can share tools, knowledge, and up-to-date information—all fully aligned to the company’s strategic sales priorities. Let’s explore four essential strategies that every tech company should adopt to manage their PRM portal like a pro:


Use PRM to make partners feel connected to the company

Tech companies’ partners are not necessarily beholden to working with just one company. In fact, many partners are skeptical of companies that they perceive as building a relationship with them for short-term gains and one-off deals. Salesforce PRM is designed to show partners how much they’re valued. Tech companies should be using PRM to…


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