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4 ways Simplus helps customers simplify their Salesforce journey

Dec 12, 2019 | Admin, Advisory Services, Change Management, Data Integration, Latest News, Managed Services

Would you say knowing your customer is important? You likely already have a formal process for managing customer relationships with your company, but did you know that managing customer relationships has an actual, measurable ROI? One study found that “companies with a formal customer journey management program enjoy a 54% greater return on marketing investment” than companies without one.

At Simplus, the customer journey means the path to meeting desired business objectives. These business objectives include organization efficiency, revenue growth, and customer satisfaction.

As you work alongside your customers through their journey with your business, we want to help you, too. Simplus consultants can help you meet those business objectives and end goals through our suite of services: advisory, change management, data integration, and managed services.


Advisory Services

Sometimes, all you need to reach your customers is a little strategic guidance. For our advisory services, we use cloud solutions to help you create and achieve a strategic vision, improve performance, and increase value to your enterprise. 

For example, our advisory team once helped Nitel, a telecommunications provider. Nitel was experiencing some customer service pain points, specifically when it came to speed of service. After some workshopping, Simplus translated Nitel’s processes into Service Cloud functionality. Among other things, this included implementing a drag-and-drop UI, which minimized the time and clicks needed to perform everyday customer service tasks.

We were able to not only advise Nitel on their processes but also create an actionable solution that delivered results. This is our goal for all clients we advise—to help them understand how their business can work better and put a tangible solution in place for meeting business objectives.


Change Management

Whether you’ve got a new executive, a new process, or new technology, change management is one of the trickiest challenges your business may face. When not managed well, changes can dampen efficiency, halt revenue, and decrease customer satisfaction at all stages of the customer journey. And the stats prove it: 38 percent of businesses have reported problems while implementing CRM due to slow adoption and issues with organizational change. 

But change is necessary, so how can you manage it skillfully? It’s ultimately up to individual employees to change how they do their jobs. If they embrace the changes, results can be spectacular.

Simplus can help you and your employees transition successfully. We make sure we have a solid understanding of your business: your culture, challenges, and goals. Then, while you’re undergoing the change, we help at any level that you need. From simply gathering documentation and gaining feedback or managing the entire change implementation process. Managing the people side of change will help your employees embrace the change with greater engagement and higher adoption, maximizing your ROI.  After the change is in place, we provide customized training and demos to reinforce the change and sustain the adoption. If you need continued support, we can provide monthly managed service.


Data Integration

Data makes the world go ‘round. In fact, 40 percent of organizations cite systems integration (connecting data to your single source of truth) as a pivotal competitive advantage in today’s business environment. If you want to navigate the customer journey successfully, you need to smoothly integrate data, and we can help with that.

Integrating your data creates a single source of truth. For example, if your salespeople want to see customer orders, they don’t have to chase them down via multiple sources. If your service team want to see online purchase records, boom! They just go to one place. Integrating data helps your teams work together seamlessly and efficiently. 

Proper data integration also helps you grow revenue and deepen customer engagement. You’ll have a 360-degree view of your customer. You’ll understand your customer’s habits, wants, and trends. This understanding helps your business be more personalized to your customers, which increases the likelihood that your sales efforts will be successful. 


Managed Services

When it comes to your present and future customers, you need to be able to expect the unexpected. It goes without saying that Salesforce is a dominant player in the CRM space. Couple that with a whopping 58 percent of its current customers who have plans to continue adding more Salesforce clouds and functionality, that’s a lot of Salesforce changes and maintenance at stake. Our dedicated Salesforce Managed Services teams help you improve your productivity by preparing for and dealing with unexpected issues as you continue to improve your Salesforce instance. 

To prepare for unexpected issues, your business needs to be running optimally. We help you manage requests efficiently and escalate quickly. By increasing efficiency, you will maximize your budget and help your end users get the most out of Salesforce Managed Services.

To face unexpected issues, you need to be ready to adjust quickly, and this goes for your Salesforce instance, too. Our diverse team will help you improve your processes so you’re ready to go whenever you’re facing the unexpected. 


On your customers’ journeys, are they landing on the X marking your business objectives? And how well is your team navigating the customer journey map? Simplus consultants can help you meet your customer-mapping end goals through our advisory, change management, data integration, and managed services. You’ll be a navigation pro before you know it. 




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