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Simplus recognized as one of the 10 Most Trusted Consultancies!

Jul 26, 2018 | Admin, Latest News, Salesforce CPQ

Simplus received a spot among the 10 Most Trusted Consultancies in Insights Success, a business magazine that features impressive start-ups and their decision makers across multiple industries. The recognition in Insights Success’ July edition includes a profile featuring Simplus CEO Ryan Westwood, the Simplus culture, and Simplus’ astounding growth. As Insights Success put it, “Simplus has been achieving newer heights of growth and excellence. Thanks to the uncontainable optimism, passion and drive of the CEO of Simplus.”

Check out some of the highlights from the featured Simplus profile below!


The Leading Light of Simplus

“Ryan’s vision allows the company to tackle current market problems in three ways: the abundance of quote-to-cash consultants, its international presence, and the expanding talent in the company.”


Opening up a New Era with ‘CPQ’

“‘At Simplus, we are building the largest bench to handle some of the most complex enterprise projects for the biggest brands. Our commitment to buy, hire, and train talent makes this possible,’ Ryan states.”


Strategy for Success—‘sticking to the niche’

“The more firms can maximize value to the customer by going deep, the better. It’s when consulting firms are willing to take work they’re not truly experts in that they diminish the amount of value they can drive to the customer … So at Simplus, the brilliant team found a sub-niche and they stuck with it.”


Contributing to ‘Culture’ of Consulting

Consulting firms need some consulting help themselves when it comes to culture. At Simplus, you can create some of the world’s best cultures in the consultant space.


Amazing Culture—the Pride of Simplus

“‘We’ve been recognized time and time again for an astounding culture based on rankings and reviews from our own employees,’ concludes Ryan in a positive note.”


The vision of our leadership, our niche strategy in quote-to-cash services, and our thriving culture all help make Simplus one of the most relied upon consultancies for CPQ needs—a trusted leader in quote-to-cash.

Read more insights on entrepreneurship and company culture from the Insights Success profile here!


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