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Introducing the Simplus Product Series

Apr 15, 2019 | Admin, Latest News, Salesforce CPQ

Simplus has built its reputation on Quote-to-Cash, yet Quote-to-Cash itself would not exist without some very basic building blocks that allow our customers to facilitate all kinds of transactions. When looking at the broad spectrum of all functionality in the Quote-to-Cash lifecycle, everything starts with a simple concept known as the Product.



A product is a physical representation of each individual item within your catalog that you can sell. As we will see in our upcoming products and SKUs post, every single product is represented in your back office systems (i.e., ERP, financial systems, billing, manufacturing) and front office systems (i.e., sales, marketing, and service) by a unique code called an SKU.

One of the fundamental challenges we face in every single implementation is how to break each product down into its constituent parts and represent every offering with a unique set of codes. While some of this may seem fairly simple, determining how to productize your offerings, bundle them together, and arrange them in a configuration can be incredibly challenging.


Introducing the Simplus Product Series

This is why we are pleased to announce a new 10-part series on products. We will not only delve into how companies productize their offerings but give you a look at our productization framework after 500+ net new installations across hundreds of unique verticals, sub-verticals, and industries. In this series, we’ll cover the following aspects of productization:

1. Products and SKUs

2. Guided Selling, Searching, and Selecting

3. Bundling — Features, Options, and Configuration

4. Attribute-Based Configuration

5. Sub-Assemblies and Nested Configurations

6. Expert Mode Configuration

7. Assisted Mode Selling

8. Solution Selling

9. Bill of Materials

10. Integration to Install Base, Artificial Intelligence, and the Future of Products


Come join us for a deeper look into how Simplus takes a step-by-step approach to help your company build unique product offerings, configure them, and sell to your end customers. In addition, we hope to offer you some unique perspective on the additional pieces of functionality that you can implement to truly serve every sales, service, and customer success rep within your organization!



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