Simplify your quote-to-cash journey

We are excited to announce Simplus’ theme for the 2018–2019 year: simplify your quote-to-cash journey. We’ve already been on many journeys with our customers and partners here at Simplus, and we love it. We make every effort to find the perfect end destination and the path that will take you there.

“Transforming with quote-to-cash is a journey,” said Amy Cook, VP of Marketing. “We’ve helped multiple customers successfully travel that road before, and they’ve found incredible results.”

Each month, Simplus will be focusing on a different facet or industry within QTC, such as SaaS, financial services, manufacturing, CLM, healthcare, AI, and more.


Q3 FY19: CLM

August: QTC + CLM

September: CLM + Digital Transformation

October: CLM + Professional Services


Q4 FY19: Manufacturing

November: Manufacturing Bolt Solution + Manufacturing

December: QTC + Manufacturing

January: Service Cloud + Manufacturing


Q1 FY20: QTC Plus  

February: QTC + Healthcare

March: QTC + Financial Services

April: QTC + AI


Q2 FY20: Financial Services

May: FINS + Service & Community Clouds

June: QTC + Financial Services

July: QTC + Equality and Nonprofit in Tech


With each topic, Simplus will be showcasing how the journey through quote-to-cash can be made easier and simpler with best practices and the right partner. Uniquely positioned as one of the fastest-growing, most trusted, and highest-rated CPQ consultancies, Simplus is the perfect leader for quote-to-cash journeys across all industries.

“We have the most certified CPQ consultants here at Simplus,” said Cook. “We know the quote-to-cash journey, we know how to navigate it, and we know how to help organizations through it.”

To kick things off, this month’s focus will be QTC + CLM, a deep dive into how your quote-to-cash and contract lifecycle management systems can integrate for incredible results. Keep checking back for more thought leadership and tips all geared toward guiding you on your quote-to-cash journey!

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