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Silicon Slopes breaks the news about Simplus going Platinum!

Silicon Slopes magazine broke the news today about Salesforce becoming a Platinum Salesforce Partner! Read the story below.  Thank you to Chris Rawle for breaking the story!


Certified Salesforce Partner Simplus is simply on a roll.

A huge one.

The industry-leading Quote-to-Cash services provider has surged to Salesforce’s top U.S. tier — Certified Platinum Salesforce Partner ‒ and now ranks Certified Silver Salesforce Partner in Canada, the company announced today.

The jump in Salesforce tier rankings underscores the dynamism in Simplus’ explosive growth of late . . . and rounds out a particularly momentous week — and past few months — for the rapidly growing, previously Certified Gold U.S. Salesforce implementations leader.

Only five percent of partners reach Salesforce’s Platinum status. Simplus is ranked #10 globally in generating revenue for Salesforce out of nearly 1,000 partners, maintaining a 9.61 customer satisfaction rating (CSAT) while surging as one of the fastest-growing Salesforce Partners.

Simplus has also generated scores of new jobs, having recently announced the creation of 100 new jobs stateside and abroad.

Simplus also recently appointed expert digital strategist Suman Konidana to managing director in its call for industry-leading talent, one week after its acquisition of Salesforce Partner Basati.

Newly-minted Certified Platinum Salesforce Partner Simplus has built tremendous momentum in the short period following its Q3 2016 backing by Salesforce Ventures, having now acquired three Salesforce consultancies to date: BaldPeak in Q3 2016, EDL Consulting in Q2 2017, and Basati, last week, to further solidify its dominance in Quote-to-Cash implementations. And with a work environment freshly ranked №2 on the 2017 Top Company Cultures List by Entrepreneur and CultureIQ®, and with its new University of Utah internship partnership, Simplus is on track to keep on rolling past its counterparts at an accelerated rate.

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