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Services that help admins use Salesforce

Oct 22, 2014 | Admin, Latest News, Sales Cloud, Salesforce Managed Services

An admin’s job is difficult enough that it helps to find every advantage you can in making it easier. Here are a few tools available for Salesforce that help smooth out the life of an admin.


This app integrates with the Salesforce1 app and it’s designed to help prevent you from losing track of equipment. The system can track inventory for users through Salesforce. Essentially, you can set a loan or equipment assignment for a particular User or Contact in Salesforce.

The app service can then track all of the data associated with particular equipment once it’s assigned, such as the due dates for when to return equipment from loans reservations or assignments. You can also use integration with mobile phones for equipment tracking or use the system from

The system integrates completely with Salesforce Data and you can get things up and running in just a few hours. The service can even generate a map of where the equipment is based on GPS coordinates.

Activity Optimizer

The Activity Organizer allows you to put all of your activities on just one tab. So any task or event you need to edit or change can be accessed on one huge screen.

This includes giving you the ability to switch due dates for an event, edit the event’s status or anything else about it like specific details. You can edit 100 tasks or events all concurrently on the same screen. You can even do a mass edit activity list to change open tasks connected to one particular lead or account.

You can find out more about Salesforce admin tools if you contact us.


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