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Scalability in Salesforce

Oct 31, 2014 | Admin, Latest News, Sales Cloud

Scalability is important when you’re working with Salesforce. Here are a few tools that can help you add scalability to your projects to make sure they continue to function properly even when you’re receiving high traffic.


This tool has a monthly fee attached to it, but it allows you to create exactly the kind of user interface you want for your Salesforce-related applications complete with scalability. In particular it allows you to connect to any object on Salesforce and select specific fields. You can also drag and drop whatever parts you need into your apps.

You can quickly change your apps to suit the needs of your users as well. The tool also has extra features like mass editing and updating, and the ability to create mass actions with a custom option.

Quote 2.0

Another tool that has a fully scalable approach is Quote 2.0. This tool lets you create quotes with a professional level of quality. If you need to create business proposals that need the ability to change fluidly when the market changes, Quote 2.0 is a good approach.

If you are expecting the possibility of a spike on the volume of data you’re going to need, Quote 2.0 has the advantage of being able to scale up to task. It can handle calculations even if they get more and more complex as time goes on. The tool lets you create discounts and even do a full preview in the form of a PDF file.

All in all, going with Salesforce tools that have scalability is a good way to plan for success.

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