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Salesforce Winter 23 release recap for HLS

Nov 28, 2022 | Healthcare, Technology

Healthcare is showing symptoms of major changes with the Winter ‘23 Salesforce releases, and it’s getting personal. Using AI-based enhancements paired with Salesforce Health Cloud or Experience Cloud can consolidate and organize cooperative sources of patient data into a single source of truth, provide precise medication management, and expand virtual care services to a secure platform. 

The result is a personalized patient-centered experience with streamlined supportive services. Let’s take a look at some of the key updates:

Enhance utilizations management with a single source of truth, backed by real-time data update capabilities

Streamline the utilization management workflow to deliver timely care and better outcomes for patients. Use UM to ensure patients are informed about insurance policies, benefits and eligibility and how they apply to clinical services. Use Salesforce Genie to ensure any changes in a patients’ profile are tracked and compared with existing data. 

Product:  Health Cloud, Utilization Management, Salesforce Genie, Experience Cloud

Medication management

Based on a recent survey, patients see almost 19 different doctors in their lifetime. That means almost 20 different medical histories, notes, and medications. The Patient Medication Manager, a Health Cloud component, helps providers gain access to a patient’s complete medication history and regimens. This means less risk of harmful drug interactions and ensures patients follow proper medication schedules. 

Product: Salesforce Health Cloud, Patient Medication Manager

Simplifying virtual care visits for greater accessibility

Virtual care is popular, yes. But it isn’t always easy to access for many consumers. With Salesforce’s new integration with Amazon Chime, consumers can easily access out-of-the-box Virtual Care. 

Additionally, now patients can now manage self-scheduling calls via an experience site, which also includes automated notifications, an intuitive platform using Amazon Chime, and links for authenticated and guest users. 

Product: Experience Cloud, Amazon Chime

If you’d like to understand more about these updates or get started with a Health Cloud or Experience Cloud implementation, Simplus knows just how to help. Reach out to our team to start identifying your needs and goals and matching them to the right Salesforce functionality with expert implementation.


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