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Salesforce announces Vaccine Cloud for vaccine management

Jan 28, 2021 | Admin, Government, Health and Life Sciences, Healthcare, Latest News

As global governments and agencies move quickly toward administering safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines to billions of people around the world, Salesforce recently announced strategic technology to better manage vaccine administration and management. 

Introducing: Salesforce Vaccine Cloud. 

“The biggest challenge the world faces right now is orchestrating the distribution of billions of vaccine doses,” said Bret Taylor, President and COO of Salesforce. “Technology can play a critical role in ensuring it’s done efficiently, effectively, and equitably. We’re proud to be supporting organizations through their recovery and helping to protect people from the effects of COVID-19.”

Salesforce’s commitment to developing a strategic response to the COVID-19 pandemic was highlighted in May 2020 with the rollout of, a website and application designed to help communities and businesses re-open work environments and manage new employee wellness programs. 

Vaccine Cloud is the result of Salesforce’s efforts to help customers respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. In May 2020, the company announced, a solution designed to help companies safely reopen their facilities and manage employee wellness. 

In fall 2020, Salesforce introduced for Vaccines, which enabled customers in the public sector to track, monitor, distribute, and measure their vaccine administration programs.

To expand Salesforce’s vaccine administration solutions to serve both government and private business, Vaccine Cloud will replace for Vaccines. It will offer a configuration of core Salesforce apps such as Health Cloud, Service Cloud, Experience Cloud, and Digital Engagement, Tableau, a Lightning Platform, among other features. All will work together to expand the availability of much needed global vaccine management and administration solutions. 

Let our Simplus team help you integrate Salesforce Vaccine Cloud to help your organization better navigate the complexities, speed, and scale necessary for vaccine administration, including a customer 360 platform, mobility solutions, bots, analytics, and integration capabilities. 

Click here to learn more about ways Salesforce Vaccine Cloud helps governments, global healthcare organizations, businesses, and nonprofits develop responsive and effective vaccine programs.


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