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The 7 features of you need to reopen confidently

Aug 20, 2020 | Admin, Latest News, Remote Work Consulting

It’s crucial for business leaders to share personal, reliable, and credible information with their employees at any time, but especially as we each make the gradual return to work a reality. With rising net comfort scores of employees asked to return to work in nearly every industry (but contingent on defined safety measures such as flexible schedules and adjusted workplace protocols), executives must handle the coming changes with grace, security, and confidence. 

Salesforce’s offering and the associated Workplace Command Center are an intuitive, user-friendly solution to get your organization started on that path. By gathering all the vast amounts of necessary data and channeling it into return-to-work practices and dashboards, you can make the well-informed decisions your employees and stakeholders expect. That’s right: the same platform for connecting with and understanding your customers is now equipped to help you create that same community with your employees during this unique time of a gradual return to work. 

Let’s take a more in-depth look at seven features of the solution from Salesforce and how each one can help you instill confidence and optimism in the future of work at our organization. 


Personal Wellness Checks

You can establish a regular Wellness Status cadence with your employees to keep a daily check on each person’s health. If anyone’s condition raises a red flag, senior leaders will be notified in near real-time to adjust and make the necessary shift or workload arrangements. This way, company production doesn’t slow, and your employees are personally taken care of—you can have it all. 


Manual Contact Tracing

If some of your team members have been or do get infected with COVID-19, the manual contact tracing service allows you to identify precisely who the infected person has interacted with. This gives you the chance to prevent further spread within your workplace by notifying possible contacts, providing the increased level of transparency and accountability employees expect in this new normal. 


Customizable Return to Work Templates

With pre-built templates and options to personalize, you can debrief every returning employee on changes to the workplace, new protocols, and best practices for working in this new dynamic. Data on who has or has not completed these training modules will be integrated into the Command Center so you can continue promoting the content as necessary. 


Shift Management

A crucial part of returning to work in many industries in making sure each location operates optimally but with a reduced headcount. New Shift Management features in allow managers to organize personnel arrival and departures times with the care and attention necessary to keep everyone safe. The Scheduler and shift confirmation push notifications mean you always know how many team members are at a given location. 


Pre-Built Apps and Solutions

Industry solutions designed explicitly with healthcare, manufacturing, and many other sectors in mind are available to integrate into your dashboard. This means you can access the full benefits of the Salesforce ecosystem and seamlessly embed those personalized apps and their data feeds into the Command Center. 


Employee Well-being Trailhead Paths

Employees aren’t just looking for an overview of where the sanitizer stations are and another reminder to always be wearing a mask. With customizable Trailmixes in Salesforce Trailhead, you can offer your staff tips and interactive content on remote work practices, meditation, work-life balance, and more. The return to work is a journey, not a light switch, so offering solutions that meet each team member where they are is critical to maintaining a caring corporate culture. 


Integration with Reliable COVID-19 Data

The Workplace Command Center dashboard and all other data-driven apps integrated into your solution are operating with geographical COVID-19 data from Tableau, a trusted source of the latest pandemic updates. You can use data like this to quickly identify what offices and locations of a global organization need special attention or additional safety measures to keep everyone at every facility as safe as possible. 

Learn more about how you can welcome your organization’s staff back to the workplace or leverage more remote work flexibility by reaching out to the experts at Simplus.


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