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Salesforce tips and tricks regarding data integration

Oct 24, 2014 | Admin, Data Integration, Latest News, Sales Cloud

It can be difficult to get Salesforce to integrate with other systems. Here are a few Salesforce tips and tricks regarding integration. and Integration Tools

One of the best ways to integrate data properly is to use a free application such as for Salesforce. The Cloud Data Loader makes it easier to both import and export information from Salesforce and back and forth between various files and databases.

The benefit here is that the data is secure and the interface is a wizard type, so you don’t have to do any coding. The service is 100% web-based, so no installing anything on your computer. You can create, edit and schedule your tasks and it’s especially useful when you run tasks that are repetitive.

The main point here is that the tool will reduce how long it takes for important information to get to your database or files. So you can get sales leads and contact data going across your business in a much faster, more organized and more efficient fashion.

Help Text

Whenever new data is added into the system, it’s important to assist users in figuring out what the data is in order to facilitate smooth integration. One way to do this is with the Help Text. Each field has 255 characters that can help users figure out what a particular piece of data is, and where it’s coming from.

For example, if a field just says “Average Test Scores,” then the Help Text could say something about how the average is taken from students on a semester basis from a particular college. Using Help Text makes it less likely users will become confused about the origins of data.

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